Apple iPhone 4S teardown reveals parts from Qualcomm, Skyworks, Toshiba, TriQuint, and more

“Apple Inc’s fifth-generation iPhone uses a wireless chipset from Qualcomm Inc as well as silicon from smaller chipmakers, according to repair and parts specialist iFixit, which cracked the device open on Thursday,” Edwin Chan and Poornima Gupta report for Reuters.

“The new iPhone also features the Apple A5 chip with 1 GHz dual-core processor, according to iFixit, known in the technology industry for stripping down and revealing the innards of Apple devices,” Chan and Gupta report. “The Qualcomm chipset is an upgrade from the one used in the previous version of the phone, iFixit said.”

“Apple also incorporated flash memory from Toshiba Corp in the phone, it added. Some of the other chipmakers identified include Skyworks Solutions and Avago Technologies Inc, which has a power amplifier chip in the phone,” Chan and Gupta report. “Shares of Skyworks and Avago rose over 1 percent and nearly 3 percent, respectively, on the news.”

Chan and Gupta report, “Shares of TriQuint, which makes radio chips for wireless communication, rose nearly 20 percent after an iFixit photo of the internal parts of the iPhone 4S appeared to show two chips with TriQuint’s name on it.”

Read more in the full article here.

iFixIt’s teardown with photos is here.


        1. They already have. The A6 and A7 are going to TSMC. A much better choice long term for Apple. I’m in the semiconductor industry and have had to deal with both foundries.

  1. Samsung will rue the day they crossed Apple. Various type of patent infringements preventing sales of Samsung`s “mee too” products and loss of Apple’s chip manufacturing biz………… ouch!!! It’ll suck to be them! Karma, baby. Karma !!

  2. Lots of nubes here who dont know much about Hardware..

    Fact: Apple is a parasite that feeds on clever marketing, its much touted “originality” is nothing but conning gullible, braindead hipsters who imitate any short-term pop-culture phenom that they think sets them apart as “cool”.

    Fact: Apple has no great R&D.. a review of 2011 patents filed show that Samsung is now no.2 in filing patents, just behind IBM (which its bound to overtake in 2012).

    I’ve reviewed nearly 200 patents filed by both apple and samsung and there’s a huge difference between the two.

    Apple’s software and user interface patents are clever and somewhat fanciful..

    Samsung’s hardware, standards and wireless patents seem to be done by real engineers.

    Anyway, just wait and see which of these ideas shape up..

    Samsung is just beginning to launch products that will wow anyone (except the hopelessly deluded, hipster apple fanbois, who dont matter anyway.)

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