Wired reviews Apple iPhone 4S: The ‘S’ stands for Siri, a life-changer, the reason people should buy this phone

“Apple never specified what the ‘S’ stands for in iPhone 4S, and it may as well stand for Siri,” Brian X. Chen reports for Wired. “Sure, the fifth-generation iPhone’s superb camera and speedy dual-core processor are classy additions. But Siri is the reason people should buy this phone.”

“When I step out of my apartment today, a reminder will pop up on my iPhone 4S to deposit checks at the bank. Tonight I’m meeting my friend Peter, who wants to eat steak, so I can say, ‘I want prime rib’ to find steakhouses nearby. I have a meeting with a colleague Alexis this Thursday, and I can add that in my calendar just by saying, ‘Schedule meeting with Alexis on Thursday at 3 p.m.,'” Chen reports. “I did all of this with the iPhone 4S’s new built-in app Siri, a voice-recognition technology that Apple inherited when it acquired Siri Inc., a San Jose-based startup, in 2010.”

Chen reports, “To give you an idea of how convenient Siri is, it takes about three seconds to create a reminder with a voice command, as opposed to the 10 seconds it takes me to manually type an event into a to-do list or calendar entry. Before, with the standard iPhone calendar, I would often forget to add an event because I was too busy to type it, and as a result I would forget I had something scheduled altogether. With Siri and Apple’s new Reminders to-do list app, it’s unlikely I’ll forget anything important again because the process is so effortless. It’s kind of like having the unpaid intern of my dreams at my beck and call, organizing my life for me. I think Siri on the iPhone is a life changer, and this is only the beginning.”

Much more in the full article here.

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    1. I agree.

      Before a word is spoken in the keynote video, is an empty seat and the words, “Reserved” reversed out of a black hood over the back to the seat.

      A shot replayed more than once.

      And to me a reminder that the one person who deserved to be there more than anyone else, was Steve Jobs.

      I really believe the naming it the “iPhone 4S” was the way to honoring the man. Like everything Steve would have wanted. Unannounced. Unexplained. Undeniable.

  1. Agree with Wired. As they put it, ‘beware trying Siri’, because you would give in quite easily.

    This system changes your everyday life: for example, to set even a simple reminder manually on any smartphone, you have to spend like 9 seconds, and with Siri you can do it in 3 seconds.

    And since setting reminders manually is bothersome, people do not even make them most of the time in the first place.

    But with Siri, it fundamentally changes — you likely will hardly ever forget or miss anything because of you thought “I have to set up a reminder (later)” and forgot to do it. Instead of just a thought, now, with Siri, you can say it out loud, and — boom! — done.

    1. Wish I could set reminders in 9 seconds. By the time I’ve gone through the what, where, when (starts), when (stops), which calendar, and when it should set alerts fields, it’s got to be like 30 seconds or more.
      Does anybody know if Siri can handle all aspects of this (e.g., “make an appointment for lunch at noon on Tuesday with Tim on my work calendar, set an alert for 1 day prior”)?

      1. I heard “S stands for speed” from Schiller/Cook in iPhone 3Gs presentation in June of 2009 (Jobs was on medical leave).

        Did they really say what “S” stands for this time? Because it was not in text live coverages and I did not hear Schiller saying this about iPhone 4S.

      2. If you listen intensely enough when Tim says it and you believe hard enough that he said Steve, then it will be Steve.

        It is a nice thought and it will always be that way with me……

  2. Did you see the latest Siri demo on macrumor ?

    After he dictated a note to the notes app, it showed “iphone 4 ass”

    harr harr… so funny, i guess thats the difference between Siri and the Dictation in Apps/ or the beta state…

    It makes you smile, because its magical. But you laugh if it fails so brilliant.
    I thought Walt D. once said this:
    “You dont have to be perfect. You just have to be good in entertaining your audience.”

    I am wondering^^

  3. SIRI? meh… the Droid Godzilla Chef Kabozzo X31 Plus has a built in espresso maker…. beat that Apple fanboys!

    weights 6 lbs but when you’re running and need a sudden caffeine hit.. ain’t nothing like it.

      1. Table Phone! Now that’s funny!

        Now I’ve got visions of the Verizon “Can you hear me, now?” guy hauling a BAT phone around on a dolly, stopping occasionally to put his head to it and quote his line.

        1. dolly?

          yes, ALWAYS buy the optional BigS Table Phone attachements:

          – the ‘pnuematic assist’ dolly
          – the wheeled battery pack (takes 3 truck batteries)
          – and the ‘ Bullock ™ ‘ shoulder harness (strap the dolly etc to yourself and haul away… )

          BigS and attachements available at all Microsoft Stores.

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