Samsung alters phones to avoid Dutch sales ban due to Apple patent violation

“Samsung Electronics Co said on Wednesday it will soon release upgraded versions of three Galaxy smartphones in Europe to get around temporary sales bans on earlier versions of products that violated an Apple patent,” Miyoung Kim reports for Reuters.

MacDailyNews Take: “Upgraded,” as in: Reduced functionality.

“The Apple patent allows for a certain method of scrolling or browsing through photos in some Samsung smartphones,” Kim reports. “The court imposed a sales injunction of the affected products in some European countries and offered a grace period until October 14 to address the infringement. We’ve fixed the technological problem and upgraded products to address the issue. They will be shortly available for sale,’ Samsung spokesman James Chung said. He declined to comment on an exact launch date.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Leave it to a Samsung mouthpiece to describe illegal patent infringement as a “technological problem.”

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. Lets see how other Apple’s patents will be treated.

    The IP theft is obviously by far not only about the scrolling. Other aspects of capacitive multi-touch UI, as well as physical design of some of Samsung’s products are in question.

  2. Well, technically it IS a problem [for the poor Galaxy owner]. The reconfigured phones will have “Sili” voice assistant. To scroll, push the home button twice, and then and say “SCLOLL UP” or “SCLOLL DOWN” [misspelling intended]. Problem solved! No more pesky supply contracts with that uppity fruit company.

  3. I have friends in Holland and though this feature is under appeal w/ prior art submitted by Samsung, they have already updated affected phone models to “Glow” feature. That’s the benefit of coding around software patents, that even Apple has done.

    The High Court in the Hague, Judge has already rejected 9 of 10 of Apple’s “Look n Feel” patents there. Declaring at least two, both iPad “Community Design” (rejected as too general) and “Slide to Unlock” (stolen prior art from Neonode N1m out back in 2004 w/ touch screen gestures), will both be judged “Invalid” in court soon. So all “Copyist” claims are now pointing a finger right back at Apple in regards to 9 of 10 patent claims in Hague High Court.

    Now it looks like it’s Apple that will be determined to be the thief in Europe w/ the Dusseldorf case scheduled for Appeal in December in it’s High Court! …..but middle court did not have the power to invalidate it anyway. Apple will be required to pay damages and Samsung will have all Galaxy Tabs back on sale there too! :DDD

    1. Left to right, right to left? WTF?

      Let’s have another look…………….yep. He is bassackwards.

      And I did not need to be told it is running some version of MicroCrap software. The 5 minute boot time was a dead give away.

  4. ““Slide to Unlock” (stolen prior art from Neonode N1m out back in 2004 w/ touch screen gestures),”

    You sure you want to use that example of Apple copying others?

    The demonstrator very clearly states at the beginning that NeoNode is an ANCESTOR of the iPhone. The demo was actually given on the eve of the iPhone release.

    1. I’m not the Judge who who made that decision in Holland’s Highest Court. So you would have to ask him. I only stated facts and conclusions of evidence presented there and that information is freely available on the Web. But when she says Ancestor, she’s not saying Apple owns or is affiliated with Neonode in any way. It’s a Swedish phone maker that had N1m for sale in Europe in 2004.

      Sorry if that upsets you, to find out Apple wasn’t the first smartphone maker to touchscreen gestures. But Samsung had both SGH-Z610 (Introduced Feb 2006 w/ gesture based controls and a single round home button) and F700 (introduced January 2007), on sale before iPhone, that could also easily be considered iPhone ancestors under her view!

  5. Monty, good thing u picked a name of a group of comedians, because comparing this mini POS contraption to the iPhone is great comedy. I can see now how the world would be using this gimmick, if the iPhone hadn’t copied their UI… Buhahahaaa

    1. @ ubermac Who’s comparing? This phone was introduced almost 4yrs before iPhone. The only thing I’m saying and I’m not dissing on the iPhone, is that the court in the European Dutch Hague High Court rejected 9 of 10 of Apple’s “Look n Feel” patents. But hey I’m just not as religiously fanatic about anything from Apple as you guys. They are great company, just not the leader and certainly not the first smartphone maker to inhabit this earth.

      So get over it and don’t take such offense to hearing the truth. In other words get a life and you won’t die of high blood pressure over hearing that there were gesture based smartphones out well before iPhone. In fact even Samsung and LG had better and more expensive phones out before Apple even got into the market. That’s all I’m saying! … deal with it! ;P
      btw…. I have an iPad and Macbook, just not an iPhone since the original. If you can’t accept that. I’m not the type to even give a shit! lol….

  6. ” In fact even Samsung and LG had better and more expensive phones out before Apple even got into the market.”

    Yeah, right: You tell us like it is, funny man.

  7. Monty, Lets just spill it out shall we? You are not a mac user and you saying you own an iPad and mac but not the iPhone is explicitly saying you just bluffed! Because if you say you also own an iPhone then this wouldn’t look so suspicious but wow you are spewing hatred for the iPhone big time in your comments. Please just don’t be a wolf in sheeps clothing. Just come on out and say it.

  8. @monty

    Only comment if you actually use the products.

    If you don’t own, use it you have no justification in criticising it.

    It’s the same blinkered mentality that IT department managers had about macs in the enterprise.

    They said that ‘macs weren’t compatible with windows networks and pcs’ and yet they had never even used a mac at all.

    For the record, Apple created the touch smartphone market. They made touch devices available to the masses.

    Samsung, Nokia, RIM – none of these and other companies would be even selling a touch phone if it wasn’t for Apple and the iPhone.

    I suggest you use an iPhone, iPad or iPd touch for a year and then come back and you can criticise these devices with experience – which will make your comments more creditable.

    Oh and by the way, Apple invented the 1st tablet pc in the 1980s – it was called the Apple Newton (Amazon’s kindle looks similar to it).

    Now go and question that in a court!

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