Police bust up New York-based crime ring focused on Apple products

“A New York-based crime ring that used forged credit cards to mainly buy and resell Apple products overseas has been busted, police said on Friday in what was described as the largest identity fraud case in U.S. history. [It was worth an estimated $13 million],” Aman Ali reports for Reuters.

“Authorities said waiters and service sector workers stole customers’ personal information and syndicates in Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia then used the data to issue credit cards that financed an estimated $13 million shopping spree,” Ali reports. “A total of 111 people from five criminal enterprises operating out of Queens, New York were indicted with identity theft, forgery, robbery and other crimes as part of a two-year investigation dubbed ‘Operation Swiper,’ police said.”

“They said crime bosses received blank credit cards from suppliers in Russia, Libya, Lebanon and China and hired ‘skimmers’ to pose as retail workers who used electronic devices to steal the credit card data from customers,” Ali reports. “Police said ‘crew leaders’ oversaw the illicit nationwide shopping and that the goods purchased were mostly resold to customers overseas. The thieves, however, apparently focused on Apple products. ‘This is primarily an Apple case,’ New York Police Department Deputy Inspector Gregory Antonsen said. ‘Apple is a big ticket item and a very easy sell.'”

Read more in the full article here.

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