Apple’s Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 imminent

“Apple Inc. is believed to be all set to release a new Mac OS X Lion update on coming Oct 12, according to new reports,” Ravi Mandalia reports for ITProPortal.

“The company announced, during the iPhone 4S launch event, that iCloud was on its way and that it will be aimed at all mobile devices powered by the iOS 5 and Mac OS X 10.7,” Mandalia reports. “Developers who were testing [iCloud] earlier, were doing it on the Mac OS X 10.7.2 – a yet to be released version of the Mac OS platform.”

Mandalia reports, “Cupertino based iPad 2 maker has scheduled the launch of the iOS 5, as well as the iCloud on the same day (Oct 12, 2011), which will soon be followed by the launch of the iPhone 4S on Oct 14.”

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  1. ive been using lion since it came out. I really like it and haven’t had any issues (aside from ms office 11 losing track of its license and having to remove it and reinstall). It did change scroll behavior and it took me a couple of weeks to realize the wisdom of that – and once I did it just made so much sense!

  2. i had lion on a core 2 duo imac and ended up having to copy my files to a hard drive and downgrading back to SL. My video screen recording program would make all my videos out of sync with audio. And several other programs would not work right either.

    I got the spinning beach ball more times then not and overall it slowed down my machine. So after getting tired of sitting and waiting on programs and my computer i gave up and went back to SL.
    So when 10.7.2 comes out and fixes these slowness isuess and spinning beach ball i may look into upgrading again

  3. It’s my understanding that iCloud will allow you to have a Pages document synchronized across all Lion and iOS 5 devices. If so, does anyone know if Apple is also planning an update very soon to the iPad/iPhone versions of Pages to bring them up to speed with the desktop version? So far, not all files created with my desktop are compatible with iOS version of Pages (landscape mode and table calculations just to name a few).

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