To Steven Jobs on his 30th birthday (with video)

“On February 24th 1985, Steve Jobs turned thirty,” Harry McCracken reports for Technologizer.

“His Apple coworkers helped him celebrate by creating a short film for him,” McCracken reports. “They set it to the wonderful song ‘My Back Pages” by one of Steve’s idols, Bob Dylan, and filled it with images from Jobs’ first three decades. You know some of them, but only some. And they include many ones of a happy, relaxed, even silly Steve Jobs that most of us never got to see.”

McCracken writes, “For a film that doesn’t include NexT, Pixar, the iMac, the Apple Store, the iPod, iTunes, the iPhone, or the iPad, it does a remarkable job of summing up Steve Jobs; I don’t think a film that did tell the story that was yet to unfold could have improved on it.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “krquet” for the heads up.]


  1. What a wonderful journey… So many memories in those photos. I remember trying to convince a group of VERY stuffed shirts to use the Mac back in 1984. Did a business presentation on the effect of a 24/7 stock market worldwide and printed it all with my Mac – took hours – I think even days. Used a paperclip on the mouse to draw maps and stuff in MacDraw. The stuffed shirts took off their ties and went with the idea.

    MDN, Thank you for this post. I will cherish it. All the best.

  2. Last night I watched some past keynote addresses especially the first iPhone announcement. It’s was wonderful to see the excitement and joy he took in introducing it to the world. This video just shows how long he has been so passionate about his products. He lived his life to the fullest from the beginning.

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