Rejected Apple iPhone 4S promo revealed (with video)

ooJLEoo has discovered what seems like an early attempt at an iPhone 4S promo and, of course, posted it online:

MacDailyNews Take: Because life goes on and it made us smile.

Less than a week to go before our iPhone 4Ses arrive!

[Attribution: AppAdvice via TiPb.]


  1. Has someone seen any comment on Steve’s passing on the Cupertino city website? You would think that detail would have been noticed, after all Steve was just the single most import person in that ungrateful city. I wish Apple built their Spaceship in Vegas, instead of Cupertino. One more thing I can’t help thinking about, is the enormous amount of time and energy Jobs had to use to get his ugly house destroyed. He will never enjoy his future house with his family. RIP

    1. Yes but he’ll leave them an amazing house to live in. You can rest assured that years ago, he approved whatever the plans for the new house were going to be.

    1. Naw, it just didnt do it for you. I found it hilarious, and at first I was mortified. Its mostly funny because you never see a side like that when a company would show something off. But it pegged all the obvious comments they would love to say, especially about, what you thnk wed make it slower?? hahaha of course im on my 4th honey ale with maple syrup ( i added because its the best, or even in rye in coke).. but be that as it may..

  2. I thought the first guy has some funny and accurate comments/complaints. Really cracked me up. The rest? Ahhhhh not that amusing. Then I’m sober so maybe it’s funnier if you’re drunk

  3. Ok, so we don’t have a new design, we don’t have a lot of all new features. But still, give it a chance. After all, the public desires if it will live or die.

    It’s all up to the consumers.

    For example: what exactly is an iPad? If you look carefully you will notice it is just an oversized iPod touch. But did people reject it? No, they loved it. Same goes for the 4S

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