Apple met with Palo Alto police department days before Steve Jobs’ passing

“Apple Inc. security officials met with police in Palo Alto, California, this week to notify them that Steve Jobs was close to death, a spokeswoman with the police department said,” Karen Gullo reports for Bloomberg.

“Following the meeting, the police devised a plan to put patrols in the area around the former Apple chief executive officer’s Palo Alto home once they heard from the company that he had died, according to Sandra Brown, the spokeswoman,” Gullo reports. “The Apple representatives told the police department there was ‘a possibility that it could happen this week,’ Brown said in a phone interview. ‘It’s common sense for us to work together. If you think about who he was and his contribution to the world, people might come out in masses.'”

Gullo reports, “Jobs lived in a home that was modest, for a person of his means, on a public street open to pedestrians and traffic. The extra patrols were necessary for safety reasons, Brown said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: So, Tim Cook and the other Apple execs clearly knew of Jobs’ condition while they were charged with hosting the “Let’s Talk iPhone’ event. Therefore, we retract any judgements, and will not make any further, about Cook’s and the others’ performances. It was an anomaly. The next special event will give a much better picture of how Cook et al. will perform and how these events will feel going forward.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” and “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. It took amazing courage and poise for Tim, Phil, and Scott to perform knowing what Steve was going through and that at any moment they could get the news of his passing. What a tough position to be in. Hat’s off to those men!

  2. @MDN – Too late on the mea culpa. Way to jump on the bandwagon, letting yourself get jacked up over a product designation. It is as if the 3GS never happened…

    Give the new guys a chance. Getting prepared for a terrible event and actually facing the reality of it are two different things. Stop expecting anyone to be Jobs and let them be themselves. Jobs said it himself – don’t try to live someone else’s life.

  3. note the retraction is same day AT&T says iPhone 4S launch is most successful 1st day launch in history. Smart retraction MDN. By the way, Tim Cook and Phil and others – you did great. Keep up the great work.

  4. “So, Tim Cook and the other Apple execs clearly knew of Jobs’ condition while they were charged with hosting the “Let’s Talk iPhone’ event”

    Um. I think he was already passed away at that time. That’s the point, guys. The announcement (unspecific as it was), was the following day.

  5. I think the whole event was shadowed by Steve’s illness and impending journey. I’m certain even the smaller, local venue was so they would be able to control the reaction if Steve passed before the presentation, or even during it, if the news got out. And it wouldn’t surprise me if they even chose to cancel it, had he gone the day before, which would have been much harder to do off-campus.

    All the pundits who criticized Tim Cook and the rest of the staff’s performance should apologize and respect what they were going through and what they accomplished. And also respect the fact that the iPhone 4s (and other product releases) was all Steve – nothing that happened that day had anything to do with Tim Cook’s influence on the company’s direction.

  6. Right. MDN lost it there, shouting debacle and disaster cries and not supporting the Apple team as needed. Plus, give them the benefit of the doubt even when it appears that mistakes have been made. Give the people the benefit of the doubt to be able to see what’s what and what matters beyond the FUD and disingenuous criticism. Instead, many supported the “other” side and fed the sharks that came in droves smelling blood in the water… Time to step back and reflect here.

    1. Are you suggesting it was a huge coincidence that he just happened to pass away the day after the presentation? That’s one hell of a ‘one more thing’.

      I’m not being funny. I honestly think that Jobs would have wanted to, and instructed this scenario to play out, beat by beat, as it did. 24 hours later, announce that I’ve passed away, call the iPhone 4S, bring out the iPhone 5 in the Summer the next year, etc. He wrote the screenplay to his own masterpiece life story, with that valiant climactic ending.

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