Apple: No more boxed software for education except for Logic Express and Logic Studio

“The following email was recently sent to customers at a major academic institution informing them that Apple would no longer be offering boxed software, ‘with limited exception.,'” Jason D. O’Grady reports for CNET.

Apple confirmed today that, with limited exception, they will cease to ship boxed software to campus resellers. This includes Mac OS X Snow Leopard , iLife, iWork, Apple Remote Desktop, and Aperture, among others… The only products that will remain as boxed software offerings are Logic Express and Logic Studio.

Read more in the full article here.

[Attribution: AppleInsider. Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Lynn Weiler” and “Edward Weber” for the heads up.]


  1. This sounds like a good idea until you realize that most school districts, by FEDERAL LAW and Auditing regulations require a receipt for purchases, and a document to prove software licenses.

    This may backfire on Apple and result in less educational sales until the frameworks to Audit and print clear purchase receipts are in place.

    Buying form the MacStore…
    Does it provide a clear receipt that an auditor can see and count?

    Does it provide a clear document of software license ownership the District and have validated by authorities?

    Just asking.. and worrying.

    1. Do you REALLY think Apple is that stupid? Where in the article did they say schools would not be able to get receipts or licenses? Emailed receipts and documents are LEGAL documents, and have been for a long time.

    2. I think this article wasn’t so much about schools purchasing software but about college campuses no longer selling boxed software to students.

      When you purchase an item from the App Store you are emailed a receipt. I haven’t bought anything from the App Store requiring a license but I would imagine that would be emailed as well.

  2. The only loser here will be campus resellers, who used to sell boxed software to students who were oblivious to the download option, and who will now only have hardware to sell.

  3. It seem reasonable that Apple may consider some compensation on software or music on iTunes downloads to the educational institutions or small resellers. Give them a month or two In sharing profits. If, for some reason, it is not done now.

    1. No need. This frees shelf space for higher margin items. Resellers should be making their money on training, service contracts, and accessories. Software margins are small for Apple Software anyway. There are still other companies that sell boxed software (for now) anyway, its not like the stores will suddenly have no software.

  4. “Buying form the MacStore…Does it provide a clear receipt that an auditor can see and count? Does it provide a clear document of software license ownership the District and have validated by authorities?”

    Yes, and Yes. There is a whole program in place for edu. Involves a voucher system and schools can still use PO’s too. Clear license certificates, clear record of sale.

    The real implication here is to a “Campus Stores” (which now can no longer earn a few cents on boxed sales. They sell to end users. IE students. It means Apple no longer has to ship a useless box, or discs. Saving money and the planet. Boxed software is for Neanderthals, get with the times.

      1. And why would you need a physical DVD? You can redownload the software as many times as you want. Alternatively you can put it on a DvD, CD or flash drive.
        I’d say anyone who needs a DVD copy is a bit behind the times at least.

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