Comcast working on iPad TV streaming service called AnyPlay

“Comcast, the United States’ largest cable and internet provider, is working on a television streaming solution for iPads, to compete with Cablevision and Time Warner. The streaming product was announced earlier this year, but details haven’t been released until now,” Jordan Golson reports for MacRumors.

“The product, called AnyPlay, allows Comcast subscribers to view live television on their iPad as long as it’s connected to their home network; users must have a special Motorola box which, apparently, takes the live cable stream and sends it directly to the Xfinity TV iPad app over a local wireless network,” Golson reports. “The service won’t work over Wi-Fi from other locations, or via 3G.”

Golson reports, “Other solutions, like Time Warner’s, stream live video over an internet connection. Comcast’s AnyPlay appears to be a cable box that sends video to the iPad rather than to a television. Users can watch “most” channels included with their Xfinity TV service. Users can register up to 10 tablets, but only watch live TV on one tablet at a time.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Excrement by committee. If implemented as described, this horrible mess will be the very worst “solution” for iPad users offered by any major U.S. cable provider, by far.

iPad owners should hate Comcast.

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  1. Key characteristics of a doomed technology proposal that would benefit only a few companies and screw consumers:

    “…users must have a special Motorola box”

    “The service won’t work over Wi-Fi from other locations, or via 3G.”

  2. I like to give companies credit for trying. This service would be kind of cool around the house. It might not be identical as the Time Warner or Cable Vision apps but it’s very similar. Directv is talking about their new Nomad box that will download DVR recordings to your device while you’re home. Sounds interesting but I don’t need anything else taking up memory on my phone or tablet. This is all in a push for “TV Everywhere” but in the end you are still tied to your home network. I have the only service that lets me watch Live TV and DVR recordings on my phone or tablet. I have the Sling Adapter from DISH Network, my TV provider/employer. Only Sling lets me watch all of my 250 plus channels everywhere I go. If I have cell signal I have live TV and full DVR play back/control. The TV Everywhere race is interesting to watch, but I see there are some teams with some catching up to do.

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