Apple ranks #1 in U.S. retail sales per square foot

“Apple officially ranks number one in retail sales per square foot, according to a new study published by retail analysis firm RetailSails that analyzed 160+ top U.S.-based retailers,” Jordan Kahn reports for 9to5Mac.

“Apple is almost two times ahead of their closest competitor (Tiffany & Co), and almost five times ahead of the closest technology related retailer (GameStop),” Kahn reports. “What’s most impressive is the fact Apple has much less experience in retail (ten years as of May) than most of other retailers included in the study.”

Kahn reports, “Keep in mind these numbers are only for the US… Apple retail stores in the U.S. grew nearly 80% from the year prior with U.S. retail sales increasing $4.6 billion during the first quarter of 2011.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]

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  1. An interesting phenomenon has been noticed at Apple stores in NYC, especially the one in SoHo. The Genious bar, for which there is always a massively long line (and for which you must get an appointment, if you want to avoid the line) has become increasingly popular with young single women. Apparently, the “geniuses” that work in Apple’s stores are overwhelmingly young, male and, for some reason, appealing to these young unattached women, which bring their iPhones and iPods to the Genius bar, often for no apparent reason, in order to chat the geniuses up.

    If you go to the SoHo Genius bar on a weekday evening, you will likely see a lot of flirtatious interaction there (certainly much more than you average Genius bar elsewhere).

    Whether with merit or not, Apple’s ‘geniuses’ seem to have much higher social rating (and reputation) than Best Buy’s ‘Geek squad’, which are, in youth circles of New York, considered the ultimate dorks.

    Apparently, the brand goes really, really far, sometimes in unexpected directions…

    1. That reminds me I should set up a PC repair shop for Ballmer’s PC rejects and see how many hot women turn up for a date with me. Probably only those that look like Bill Gates’ daughter will show up.

  2. The service at an Apple store is stupendously great. If a T-shirted geek does not know the answer, he knows who to ask. I went in recently with my brother who has an older Apple laptop, dead battery. The Apple guy said, “We no longer carry this battery but you can get it from X seller on Amazon for the best price.” He then ushered us to a Mac, gave us the Amazon page; I ordered the battery and my brother visiting from San Diego got it in a couple days.

    It’s this level of cheerful quick expert casual service that ensures repeat customers. When my brother has the $$$$ for a new mobile it will be an Air with the satisfaction of knowing any and all questions / requests / services are easily procured with no pain or bother.

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