10 reasons why Apple’s Mac sales are surging

“Apple’s Mac sales are growing at a rapid clip. In fact, the latest reports suggest Mac sales are up 26 percent since Apple released its new MacBook Air and Mac OS X ‘Lion.’ For Apple, that couldn’t be better news,” Don Reisinger reports for eWeek.

10 reasons why Apple’s Mac sales are surging:

1. Design, design, design
2. Security is a factor
3. Power
4. 4. Mac OS X Lion is a top option
5. Longevity, anyone?
6. The Mac App Store
7. Windows won’t be left out
8. Support is top-notch
9. Apple understands mobility
10. Style

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  1. #7 is completely wrong. I’d guess 99.9% of consumers buying Macs leave Windows completely behind.

    #7 is BRAND

    People are flocking to Apple because it’s the ‘in’ thing as well as for all the other reasons you mention.

  2. I installed Lion to my brand new MBP, what a mistake. Lion is nice, but since I use the Mail app which got dumbed down, it’s totally useless. Meanwhile I do my work with Snow Leopard iMac and try to find time to re-install the SL on the MBP.

  3. It’s funny, there was an analist that quoted just last week that Mac sales were slowing significantly. Just shows you how they try and manipulate the market by putting out FUD onto the internet.

    1. Ahhhahahahahahahaha………really, oh my, thanks for the laugh. You might not get the answer you want but try talking to HP or Toshiba en come back an say your sorry 🙂

  4. Longevity!

    I just bought a 2008 MacBook core2duo 2.4ghz and it still runs smoother and faster than my horrid 1 year old windows 7 laptop core2duo 2.6ghz that it replaced.

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