10 reasons why Apple’s Mac sales are surging

“Apple’s Mac sales are growing at a rapid clip. In fact, the latest reports suggest Mac sales are up 26 percent since Apple released its new MacBook Air and Mac OS X ‘Lion.’ For Apple, that couldn’t be better news,” Don Reisinger reports for eWeek.

10 reasons why Apple’s Mac sales are surging:

1. Design, design, design
2. Security is a factor
3. Power
4. 4. Mac OS X Lion is a top option
5. Longevity, anyone?
6. The Mac App Store
7. Windows won’t be left out
8. Support is top-notch
9. Apple understands mobility
10. Style

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  1. I’m a recent switcher. Got fed up with Windows and the threat of viruses hanging over my head every minute I was online. Windows is like driving a bus – it’s commodious and can seat 50 passengers, that is to say the Windows bus supports loads of programs. But driving it isn’t a pleasant experience. And among the bus passengers you’d get the smelly old drunk sitting beside you. That’s what using Windows programs is like – putting up with an unintuitive UI – like a smelly old drunk.

    Since I made the switch to OS X I can definitively say that using a Mac is like driving a BMW. You’re cosseted all the way and using OS X apps is like having a hot chick sitting beside you – they sure are pretty to look at. I like my hot chicks smart too, a bit like Nicky Hilton, although she isn’t that smart but still I’d knock her.

      1. Thanks for posting that video up, Jane. Had me belly laughing all the way at the part where she’s driving the bus. It’s hilarious how the chicken is let loose and flies around inside the bus – that’s Windows voodoo for you. I’m waiting for the Windows bus to fall off a cliff. Haha.

  2. After using Lion for 3 weeks, I’m not sure it is an advantage…. At least with regards to Apple’s programs. “Versions” and “Duplicate” are a very poor substitution for the now GONE “Save As” command. Temporary changes I make in Keynote Files ( eg to get one part of a grouped object in an old file) become permanent changes unless I remember to click “revert to saved”.

    Adds multiple steps and issues….

    Also try to reinstall Snow Leopard on a Lion upgrade. It is very cumbersome to do so.

    1. Canada Mark: “… try to reinstall Snow Leopard on a Lion upgrade.”

      30 years of HD failures has taught me to use Carbon Copy Cloner to a 2-3 Terabyte HD.

      One partition (large) takes daily archives of changed files & extra smaller partitions take a weekly or monthly “Clone”. Then I ALWAYS have a bootable, easily clonable HD that I can reinstall on my Mac.

      Time to revert (like I had to do from 10.6.8 to 10.6.7) only took 40 minutes w/150 GB.

      I ALWAYS do at least 2 Clones prior to any OS update or major version change. Life is easy.

  3. #6 Mac App Store
    Increasingly, I’m loving the App store. Any developers out there? Listen up, some of us are making choices, and usually end up buying from the App store when given the option. It makes it so much easier to have one account that we can use for tax purposes at the end of the year, one-click purchasing, no funky serial numbers or registration issues, trust of source, reviews, and an easy way to download and reinstall. I’ve purchased far more apps since the App store launched than I ever had before. Sure, still offer trials and the app on your site as well, but get your apps in the store!

    #7 Windows
    It’s worth noting that you can buy Parallels and Windows Home Premium 64-bit for $140 total with free shipping. (NewEgg).

    This is pretty damn compelling if you need to run Windows. I have to run it for development and client support issues. On my twin-hard drive, quad-core i7 MacBook Pro, I can dedicate 4 virtual cores to Windows, and still have 4 virtual cores for the Mac side and things *fly* on both. Something goes wrong on the Windows side? No problem, just restore an image from the archive. If I had a job where I had to use Windows all day, I’d still get a MacBook Pro.

  4. #7 is completely wrong. I’d guess 99.9% of consumers buying Macs leave Windows completely behind.

    #7 is BRAND

    People are flocking to Apple because it’s the ‘in’ thing as well as for all the other reasons you mention.

  5. I installed Lion to my brand new MBP, what a mistake. Lion is nice, but since I use the Mail app which got dumbed down, it’s totally useless. Meanwhile I do my work with Snow Leopard iMac and try to find time to re-install the SL on the MBP.

  6. It’s funny, there was an analist that quoted just last week that Mac sales were slowing significantly. Just shows you how they try and manipulate the market by putting out FUD onto the internet.

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