27,000 South Korean iPhone users sue Apple for collecting data without consent

“A group of South Korean users of Apple Inc.’s iPhone sued the company in a local court, claiming it invaded their privacy by allowing the smartphone to collect location data without their consent,” Jun Yang reports for Bloomberg.

“About 27,000 people joined a class-action suit against Apple’s South Korean unit and headquarters, seeking 1 million won per person ($930) in damages, according to a notice posted online by Mirae Law, which represents the plaintiffs,” Yang reports. “The suit was filed in Changwon, south of Seoul, where the law firm is located.”

Yang reports, “Apple was fined 3 million won [US$2,855] for collecting such data even when some users turned off location-recognition features on their iPhones, the Korea Communications Commission said Aug. 3.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. I want to know why 27,000 Koreans are using an iPhone in the first place. Their government should sue THEM for not falling in line behind the nationally subsidized peddlers of Apple knock-offs!?!

  2. For newbies on the subject: Apple itself never collected ANY user data. iOS collected the location data of nearby cell and WIFI nodes. Apple apologised that the collection file was up to 2 MB in size and reduced it in the next iOS revision. Case closed. BFD.

    What we have here stinks of delayed mass ignorance and Samsung stoogery. 😯

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