iPhone users smarter, richer than Android phone users

Hunch, using their “Teach Hunch About You” (THAY) questions explored the differences between iPhone and Android phone users.

“What type of operating system does your cellphone use?” 15,818 users answered as follows:

• 32% – Apple iOS
• 23% – Other OS
• 21% – Google Android
• 16% – Not sure/Don’t have a cellphone
• 08% – Microsoft Windows (Mobile/Phone)

Hunch crossed those responses with answers from dozens of other “THAY” questions, totaling over 80 million responses between March 2009 and July 2011 and found:

Google Android phone users:
• 10% more likely to be male
• 86% more likely to live in rural areas
• 80% more likely to have only a high school diploma
• 20% more likely to be politically conservative
• 24% more likely to have an annual household income between $50k-$100k
• 71% more likely to have never traveled outside their native country
• 29% more likely to prefer saving money
• 71% more likely to say they tend to follow
• 31% more likely to be later adopters
• More than 100% more likely to be Windows PC users

Apple iPhone users:
• 18% more likely to be women
• 27% more likely to live in a city
• 37% more likely to have a graduate degree
• 17% more likely to be politically liberal
• 67% more likely to have an annual household income of $200k or more
• 50% more likely to have visited more than five countries
• 26% more likely to prefer spending their money
• 11% more likely to have a stronger verbal aptitude
• 27% more likely to say they tend to lead
• 50% more likely to be early adopters
• More than 100% more likely to be Mac users

The likelihood of possessing a graduate degree notwithstanding, we know for sure that iPhone users are smarter because they choose Macs over Windows PCs.

What’s somewhat surprising is that, even with testosterone-soaked advertising (and completely meaningless – lasers! power tool sounds!! robotic eyes!!!), Android settlers are only 10% more likely to be male. We’d have guessed higher.

As far as the U.S. goes, the fact that iPhone was AT&T-only for so long directly influences which states and regions are more likely to have settled for Android which, of course, would affect responses if a significant proportion of responders were from the U.S.

Also of note: The willingness of certain users to make money and be amenable to parting with it should be of particular interest to software developers and accessory makers who are in the process of deciding which platform is more important to them.

Many more details in the full article here.


  1. Its funny then how Apple users are relatively stupid with their purchasing. Also 1000% more likely to fanboy their sub par phones which are miles behind the rest of the market.

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