Google eyed Motorola for years

“Years before Google’s announcement of its $12.5 billion proposed purchase of Motorola Mobility, the two company had been in intersecting orbits,” Amir Efrati reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“Around the time Sanjay Jha first joined Motorola in 2008, the company was quietly looking for a potential buyer for its then-beleaguered mobile division,” Efrati reports. “Google engaged in brief discussions with Motorola at that time, said a person familiar with the matter, in small part because Google was eyeing Motorola’s giant patent trove.”

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Efrati reports, “In early 2010, as Google became more serious about acquiring patents, it resumed a hunt for Motorola’s mobile business among other potential acquisition targets that could beef up Google’s portfolio, according to the person familiar with the matter.”

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