Microsoft claims Windows Phone now the only ‘equal opportunity’ platform

“Microsoft’s Windows Phone president Andy Lees seized the opportunity of the Google buyout of Motorola to claim perceived superiority in smartphones,” Electronista reports.

“In a statement, he argued that Android now couldn’t be trusted because Google would invariably give Motorola preferential treatment,” Electronista reports. “He sidestepped the question of whether the patents would help Google and instead portrayed Windows Phone as the ‘open’ platform.”

Electronista reports, “‘Investing in a broad and truly open mobile ecosystem is important for the industry and consumers alike, and Windows Phone is now the only platform that does so with equal opportunity for all partners,’ Lees said. While Windows Phone is now more equal, the statement carries a degree of irony given Microsoft’s attempt to replicate the tightly integrated but more closed ecosystem of Apple, not Google.”

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  1. Dear Microsoft,

    We don’t WANT an open system, look how crappy windows worked out. I’d rather be secure behind my big Mac Osx or iOS wall of rejection from crappy apps.

        1. Actually, the article (or the other poster’s reference to it) really has nothing at all to do with the principle of security through obscurity, but hey – don’t let that stop you from making ignorant, snarky, uninformed remarks.

      1. Your article is pre-Lion. Mac OSX now includes full disk encryption, system-wide sandboxing, library randomization, etc. And now that adobe flash is no longer bundled with Safari in Lion, I have a strong feeling that hackers will have a much tougher time next year. Meanwhile, obscurity doesn’t hurt either. Whatever keeps viruses off my system without having to run resource hungry anti-virus software.

      2. @Mark


        New Report Proves OSX is more Secure then Any OS Now and getting better all the time.

        Experts: OS X now much more secure than rivals

        “Consultants with several computer security firms say that Wednesday’s release of Mac OS X Lion makes it “king of the jungle” in terms of mainstream operating system security, surging ahead of rivals such as Windows 7 and Ubuntu Linux with very signifiant security overhauls throughout the OS, reports The Register, including a robust implementation of ALSR, sandboxing of vulnerable processes, and locking down web interactions.’ ETC…

        Read it Yourself.

        You Apple Haters Never Quit, And Most of al,l “Never get Anything Correct” Either.

        This is Nothing but a Click Bait Story that you misunderstood, Did you even read the story and understand what they said in it.
        No You didn’t, you assumed that with a title like that it was against Apple, go back and read it again then look at the number that are mismatched and then try to use the concept of “Brain Function” to understand what the article meant.

        Also its full of Holes like this form Reader David Stone;

        “The Black Hat post never corrected the fact the Apple disabled DHX and forcing DHX2 in Lion which was already out be the time the presentation came out.
        Just look at all the NAS providers coming out with updated firmware with that latest beta of Netatalk so they can provide DHX2 authentication.”

        Quote form reader Will O’Neal:

        “It seems to me the author is comparing Windows 7 vulnerabilities (released October 22, 2009) to OS X vulnerabilities (released in 1999). The first advisory for Win 7 is dated in 2007; the first for OS X is dated 2002. If that is what he did, then technically, he is correct, but since OS X predates Windows 7 by almost a decade, I think he’s off track. If you compare Windows 7, Vista, and XP Pro to all versions of OS X, Windows has almost 4 x the number of vulnerabilities.”

        Apple Haters are All the Same..

      3. Dear lying moron, saying that Windows is WAY more secure than Apple’s products is like saying the original Ford Pinto has a WAY lower chance of bursting into flames when it’s rear ended than everything made by Volvo.

        Linking to an article writen by another lying moron doesn’t make your comment any more factual. Roger A. Grimes even drags out the old “scurity through obscurity” hoax, never mind that Mac OS 1 to 9 had real (and very nasty) viruses despite enjoying a vastly lower marketshare than OS X and iOS do today.

        Then we have Charlie Miller, who not only has pre-compromised Macs by disabling security settings that are turned on by default before he took them to Black Hat and “hacked” them in “record time”, but seems to be incapable of doing anything more than devising non-self-installing trojans and “breaking into” Macs he has physical access to, as well as the aformentioned ones where he rigged the system ahead of time.

        Finally there’s Secunia. I absolutely love it when idiots try to use Secunia to prove that Windows is a secure OS, because what Secunia actually proves is that Windows is the least secure operating system in existence and Microsoft has no handle whatsoever on security, not even kind of.

        Here’s the top of their advisories page:

        Current highlights?

        Microsoft Windows DNS Service Two Vulnerabilities, highly critical, issued 7 days ago.

        Microsoft Windows TCP/IP Stack Denial of Service Vulnerabilities, moderately critical, issued 7 days ago.

        Microsoft Internet Explorer Multiple Vulnerabilities, issued July 26th, highly critical. “Multiple vulnerabilities have been reported in Internet Explorer, which can be exploited by malicious people to conduct cross-site scripting attacks, disclose sensitive information, and compromise a user’s system”. That one’s my favourite.

        There are no viruses, no worms, no self-installing malware of any kind for either OS X or iOS. The so called exploits that have been discovered for them have proven themselves to be impossible to take advantage of out in the wild. Nobody can hack their way into Mac OS X 10.0 or write self-installing, self-replicating malware for it even today, let alone 10.7 Lion. Meanwhile, Windows(up to and including 7) continues to drown in an ocean of it as tools like you and Roger hop up and down while waving your hands, shouting “NO IT ISN’T! NO IT ISN’T! WINDOWS IS THE MOST SECURE!”.

        You might as well be insisting the Titanic is still sailing the ocean and actually it’s every other boat that sank.

        I was going to end this by saying if Hell exists there must be an extra special place in it for punks like you, but then I realized there already does is: it’s called Microsoft’s ecosystem.

  2. “Investing in a broad and truly open mobile ecosystem is important for the industry and consumers alike, and Windows Phone is now the only platform that does so with equal opportunity for all partners,’”

    Investing in a platform with 3-5% market share and zero mindshare? Hmmm that’s tough.

      1. I’m not a native speaker, so I have no authority of that word…
        actually, I thought the PlayedForSure licencees were the ones who had been zuned. As in, “I thought we were partners.”

  3. the statement carries a degree of irony given Microsoft’s attempt to replicate the tightly integrated but more closed ecosystem of Apple, not Google.

    AKA Microsoft’s investment in NOKIA

    Oops Microsoft. Caught again.

  4. Every tech companies out there should learn from Apple on how to keep mouth shut and not to make a fool of themselves.

    All other tech companies such as Microsoft, Nokia, Google, Adobe…etc always act like a spoiled kid “shouting” at each other while Apple innovate like crazy.

    my 2 cents…

  5. To all you windows ostriches on MDN, the battle is over and SJ and Apple have been proved right on every turn, I work for IBM and had their laptop connected to my network along with 3 other Mac boxes, I have never, repeat never have a virus or trogan on my Mac systems since I started using Macs way back in 1984. I just spent, make that loss an entire week dealing with virus infections on my “SECURE IBM THINKPAD running windows XP”.So please drop the BS about obscurity, it’s a ridiculous, desperate and spurious argument of the delusional, when real life facts stare you in the face, and even if it were true it would still not change the fact that Macs are more secure… the reason they are more secure is not the issue, the fact is they ARE MORE SECURE regardless of the reason. So crawl back into your delusional world and continue jousting at windmills. Apple will continue to convince those willing to kitten of their practical superiority.

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