Google’s Motorola move underlines Apple’s Android advantage

“I’m not one to say “I told you so,” but I told you so: Android alone cannot save mobile device manufacturers from smartphone Armageddon,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“Google’s plan to spend $12.5 billion purchasing ROKR-maker, Motorola, underlines Apple’s huge advantage within the market — and should send shockwaves across Google’s existing partnerships, who surely now know the party’s almost over,” Evans writes.

“It will be interesting to see how things progress from here,” Evans writes. “I think it inevitable the innate fatalism of Android’s faux-open approach will be replaced by the formation of one or perhaps two major Android manufacturers who will struggle with RIM, Nokiasoft and Apple for ascendancy in this mobile era.”

Much more in the full article here.

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  1. This cannot be seen as anything but a defensive move by Google in an attempt to defend its turf in the mobile wars. Deep within its corporate psyche Google knows it’s screwed especially as Oracle has deposed Larry Page, Eric Schmidt and Andy Rubin to testify in the Java patent infingement suit that Sun holds patents on. 

    In lieu of being blasted wide open by a concerted attack initiated by Apple, Microsoft and Oracle, Google will attempt to hide behind the fig leaf of Motorola’s patent pool. Of course if that really counted for anything Motorola would have pulled it out in its own defense against Apple’s patent infringement suit. 

    So it looks like Google is trying to bluff by raising the stakes in the game of patent infringement poker by holding a pair of Kings when the Aces are all up Apple’s sleeve.

    As Johnny Depp’s character John Dillinger said in Public Enemies, “Bye bye Blackbird.”

  2. I think it was last week when I had suggested that there are four companies Apple might want to pick up during these recessionary times. Motorola was number 2 on that list. My argument for that move was purely to keep it off the hands of the Android maker.

    But anybody who can overpay $12.5 B can have it, I suppose. It might be sometime before a return of that investment may ring true. Meanwhile, there are added risks of this move — it might fail (no reason to think the trend will change gears overnight). Apple may still run away/stay at the top of the best seller/profit pyramid. If I were a Google investor (shudders to self), I wouldn’t be smirking right now.

    $12.5 billion, thank you and good luck.

  3. So, Samsung stands to lose Apple’s business as their manufacturing partner for iPhone and iPad components. Now, Google will be manufacturing their own phones. Suddenly, their decision to knife Apple by making their own iPhone-alike and iPad-alike products seems incredibly shortsighted. They stand to lose not only the billions in sales to Apple each year but also the very thing they decided to use to knife Apple. Not so smart.

  4. They’re getting sucked further and further down the rabbit hole in this fight they don’t even need to be fighting. I still fail to see what significant benefits Android brings to them. They should have been happy being the default search on all these phones and doing their apps, win win for Google and Apple, with Microsoft doing whatever

    1. I wonder if that’s a bargain Apple would make with google– we’ll keep you as default search for 20 or 30 years, in exchange you cease development on android completely, and never enter the space again.

      Would you take that deal if you were Steve Jobs? Larry Page?

  5. It’s remarkably similar to Ballmers strategy. In fact it’s almost identical which goes some way to prove that two brains high on cocaine are about equal to one average brain that isn’t.

    Microsoft/Nokia and now Goggle/Motorola. The question on my mind is, who’s left now to partner up with RIM? Dell? Will we be seeing RIM-DELL tablets on the horizon? If so their main competition is going to come from Googorola.

  6. Now this headline is laughable. Apple started the legal war with everybody and by the time the last cannon has fired they may very well wish they had played nice. Already, they’re being called out for falsifying information in one of their lawsuits:

    And the fat lady ain’t even got warmed up yet. Just wait til she starts singing.

    Can’t stop laughing at Apple’s arrogance and foolishness. Bawahahahahahahahahahhahaahahahhaahahahahahah!

    1. “Bawahaha…”. Childish language and equally childish argument. Apple started the whole thing by designing the revolutionary iPhone, and then the equally revolutionary iPad. Designing, note, not copying aka stealing. As for the “distorted” aspect ratio of the samsung image – i doubt that a court would find that is material to samsung’s defence. It is still a blatant copy even if samsung made their tablet slightly longer than the iPad. We will see.

      In the meantime, it would be nice to see more adult conversation on this site. There are too many silly children with too much to say…

    2. It’s not as if the tablets have a combined weight of 2,000 lb. The actual tablets can be brought into the courtroom and submitted as an exhibit obviating thereby any pictorial comparisons. I don’t think the judge is as stupid as the average fandroid.

    3. Ummn, this is not CNet. To get cheap pats on the back and/or thumbs-ups for half-ass attempts at arguments ending with LOLcopterz void of any solid evidence, well, you’ve come to the wrong joint.

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