Nokia exec: Apple’s iOS platform is ‘outdated’

“Nokia‘s new superphones will offer a superior user interface and a better, cloud-enabled experience than its chief competitors, the company’s top U.S executive told [us],” Matt Marshall reports for VentureBeat. “The reliance by Apple and Android phones on the ‘app’ as the central metaphor is ‘outdated,’ he said.”

MacDailyNews Take: Apps are “outdated” for every company that has none to offer.

Marshall reports, “Until now, many people had hoped to see Nokia’s first U.S. smartphones based on Windows Phone 7 as early as this year. But under questioning, Chris Weber, President of Nokia, head of North America, would confirm only that the phones would first hit the U.S. ‘in volume’ in 2012. He said Nokia CEO Stephen Elop had committed only to releasing a Nokia Windows Phone device ”somewhere” this year, but would not say whether this would be in more than one market or whether or not the U.S. would be included.”

MacDailyNews Take: Where are these many hopeful people? And, forget about “when,” nobody cares if they’re released or not. The main hope for Windows Phone ’07 is that Android becomes so unattractive due to its infringement of Apple’s, Oracle’s, and Jobs-knows-whose-else’s, patents that phone assemblers like Motorola, Samsung, etc. all flock to Microsoft out of desperation.

Marshall reports, “Weber called Android and the iOS phone platforms ‘outdated.’ While Apple’s iPhone, and its underlying iOS operating system, set the standard for a modern user interface with “pinch and zoom,” Weber conceded, it also forces people to download multiple applications which they then have to navigate between. There’s a lot of touching involved as you press icons or buttons to activate application features.”

“Nokia, by contrast, will offer a more seamless and efficient interface with its ‘live tiles and hubs’ approach. It does this via Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system, where applications will be integrated into everything you do,” Marshall reports. “Still, much of this ‘hubs and tiles’ approach has been a feature of Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS since its launch about a year ago. It has yet to demonstrate significant traction, though it’s also early days still.”

MacDailyNews Take: “Live tiles and hubs” is the kind of song and dance you do when you have no ecosystem, developer support, or apps of which to speak. “Live tiles and hubs” is a 4 sq. inch. patch trying to cover an entire world of missing apps. We can clearly see what you’re trying to hide Microkia.

“‘We’re way ahead of them [Apple and Google],’ Weber said, referring to exploiting cloud technology to offer things like cross-platform services in the enterprise,” Marshall reports.

Read more bullshit from a failing company’s marketing flack in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Nokia couldn’t do it themselves, so they desperately turned to Microsoft to not only provide them a CEO, but an operating system that’s not only woefully late, but also brings precious little that’s compelling, as sales figures attest. Still, Nokia continues to have delusional executives on board who have the gall to claim Apple’s iOS is outdated and that they’re “way ahead.”

The only place where Nokia’s “way ahead” of Apple is on the road to bankruptcy. Way, way, way ahead.

Dude’s gotta be shroomin’. This sort of deluded thinking is why Nokia has been and will continue to fail hard: A fish rots from the head down.


[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “N8nNC” for the heads up.]

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  1. The Balmer effect. Delusional out of touch with reality has taken over Nokia. Apple didn’t take away the number 1 spot from Nokia by being “out of date”. Nokia needs to reflect on all of its “out of date” products and falling like a rock market share.

  2. Walid is delusional as well. Apple didn’t steal anything from Nokia. There was nothing to steal. Apple did something which most companies can’t do. They innovate and actually make new products that people can use.

  3. hmmm… So why apple is paying Nokia 125 millions $ in royalites ever Q? I give credit for apple marketing and hyping their products…. But the Nokia N9 and upcoming WM7 based on the N9 build and techonologies will be much superior then the iphone 5! we will see when these phones are out… lets the judges (people) judge on them… I really do not care about apps and I do believe WM7 apps will increase 10 folds by mid 2012… All what i care id flexibilties in a phone, multi tasking,beauty of design, reception, quality of build, and a good browser… and Nokia has all of theat but apple…. hmmm what should i say! My friend just been complaining that she has poor receptiion on her icrap 4… Antena gate anyone?

    1. Hey walid everyone in the mobile industry pays Nokia, and look at the facts, the agreement was due to the overpriced markup that Nokia was forcing Apple to pay.

      Also it’s not every quarter. It’s a one time fee of 600 million, the rest is sealed, understand it’s no 125 million every quarter, this is something you pulled out of you tin foil hat chief.
      It’s is close to thousands and not millions every quarter by the breakdowns that had been published after the 600 million payout.

      And the 600 million was for back costs due to Apple not paying during the case, if they would have paid, it would have should the court they agreed to the terms.

      Also remember that this case was over 2 years old, so break it down, you math fails with your pull it out of the sky fake numbers.

      Nokia is the one who agreed to a set fee to stop the lawsuit the court system during its preliminary hearing had shown by Apples lawyers that Nokia was indeed unfair by charging Apple higher fees then others, Nokia wanted some of Apples patents also in the mix, Apple refused.

      Apple won, Nokia only got what the fair value of the licenses are worth just like they charged everyone else also they got NONE of Apple patents.

      If you would read the whole transcript of the court released transcribe you would see that Nokia agreed to a license fee that was reasonable, the only thing Apple did was pay back fees while the court case was proceeding, the documents had been sealed by the court system.

      Facts are and have been reoprted that Apple made out in the deal, Nokia didn’t get a thing they wanted and was forced to grant terms to the license as they have done with all of the others.

      So you have failed in whatever you are wanting to get across, other then making yourself look like a complete and utter idiot.

      But that’s what you Apple haters do, make fools of yourself.

      1. “But that’s what you Apple haters do, make fools of yourself.”

        …Just a little something we learned from Apple fanboys; now go back to drinking your kool-aid…

    2. Well you’re obviously an apple-hater as you’d rather remain an ignorant fool then do a little fact checking (a.k.a. research).

      Apple is paying Nokia licensing fees, just as every other mobile phone maker that uses a GSM radio does. Apple had to force Nokia to sue them rather than deal with Nokia’s extortion in private. Apple got what they wanted. Nokia did not.

      If you don’t care about apps and want to argue Nokia’s side, why would you even bother prophesying exponential gains in WP7’s app count!?

      What should you say? How about, “I obviously hate Apple and LOVE Nokia, therefor my bias favoring Nokia’s devices should be outright apparent and everything they build is a gazillion times better than anything Apple EVER WILL!”

      Antenna-gate. Wow! Where’d you get THAT from? You’re ONE and only (most likely) friend who has an iPhone 4. I find it hard to believe anyone YOU would be friends with would own an Apple product.

      Here’s a new one you can pass around; Nokia’s Where-did-our-profit-go-gate or We-can-not-design-a-modern-operating-system-gate

    3. FRAND ever heard of it? No, didn’t think so. Apple and Nokia fought over royalties for the technology that Nokia contributed to the 3G standard. Nokia wanted royalties up to 3x more than what other companies were paying. I think since Apple is selling 30+M devices, with probably 25M or so of the 3G variety, a quarter, if they pay Nokia $125M, then the royalty rate is $5 a device, which is what was predicted as the FRAND rate. Sounds to me that Apple won the case, and Nokia didn’t get their 3x extortion rate.

  4. It’s simple really, Chris Weber has been hanging around Steve Ballmer too much, talk about a reality distortion field.
    It just shows that the sales guys are running both companies.

  5. iOS on the surface may appear with less EYE CANDY… but this is a simple device and most of the innovation from competitors USING ANDROID have indeed added features and ideas BUT their candy floss CONFUSES the consumers on the OVER ALL USABILITY – the eco-system to the device and the os is lost in each model and each manufacture. THEY are not innovating but GRAPHICALLY sprucing appearances more then making things SIMPLE to use and work well.

  6. Oh hey thanks….I’m sorry…who are you again?……..ohhhh Nokia……….nokia?, nokia?……..Oh yeah! You used to be a player in the mobile handset game, riiiigghht.


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