UK makes CD, DVD disc ripping legal, won’t block sites that host copyrighted content

“Vince Cable, the United Kingdom’s Business secretary, has announced major changes to that country’s copyright law concerning digital media,” iPodNN reports.

“The government will legalize “format shifting,” or allowing consumers to rip content from CDs and DVDs for personal use,” iPodNN reports. “The government will also reverse part of last year’s Digital Enforcement Act, which would have blocked websites for hosting copyrighted material.”

iPodNN reports, Cable said the law needed to change to conform to reasonable expectations of consumers. ‘We’ve got to bring law in line with reality,’ he said.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. It’s about bloody time some of our archaic laws were changed. Apart from anything else, I can’t say I’ve ever heard of someone being charged for ripping a CD to iTunes.

  2. wow.

    how creative are the Brits – even legally!

    finally people with cojones for the people vs. the corporations. finally a country with guts.

    it’s high time civilization is civil @ piracy.

    does the entertainment industry not f’g get it. the more they f’k with people the worse piracy gets. a little faith in people pls. but human are too dumb, always reacting out of fear, not Thinking Different, not learning from the past: the U.S. Prohibition era stemmed from killing people’s freedom. piracy is the modern version.

    what really proves the stupidity of the industry is that prior to digital music or films, vinyl & cassettes were copied with no restrictions! why the fuss with digital?!

    the industry only gets what they deserve. overcharge for entire albums? keep crying Bon Jovi. Apple solved the problem to just buy the song you need or like. no more abuse. as for album or movie prices, they’re so expensive, esp. in recession, that piracy will prevail. lest the industry gets their act together, gets humane.

    they’re so brutal they sue exhorbent amounts, even suing little kids.

    anyway, i don’t suppose our USA, where Capitalism & Money replace Morals & God, will mimic the UK law anytime soon…

    good for you UK.
    if only the rest of the world would learn what it means to have any cojones & to understand the meaning of real freedom…

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