Why Apple will strike down upon HTC with a vengeance in the UK

HTC has taken “its patent spat with Apple global and filed a lawsuit against Apple on July 29, 2011 in London with the High Court of England and Wales,” Florian Mueller reports for FOSS Patents.

“At this stage, no information on the scope of the lawsuit is available. It was filed by HTC Europe Co., HTC’s European subsidiary,” Mueller reports. “It could be an infringement lawsuit or a declaratory judgment action against some of Apple’s UK patents. One way or the other, this is the first European lawsuit between the two litigants to become known.”

Mueller writes, “It’s obvious that Apple will strike down upon HTC with a vengeance in the UK and possibly several other countries. Apple already has a lot of experience with intercontinental patent litigation… By filing a lawsuit in Europe, HTC shows its determination to keep fighting. That determination is beyond doubt. But no matter in how many countries HTC may file lawsuits against Apple, it won’t be able to change anything about Apple’s objectives.”

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