74% of Verizon iPhone buyers waiting for Apple’s next-gen model

“A significant number of Verizon customers are waiting for Apple’s fifth-generation iPhone, rather than buying the currently available iPhone 4, a new survey has found,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

“Analyst Gene Munster with Piper Jaffray polled a small sample of 216 mobile phone users about their phones and carriers,” Marsal reports. “Of Verizon subscribers who do not have an iPhone but plan to buy an iPhone next, 74 percent are specifically waiting for Apple’s anticipated ‘iPhone 5.’ For comparison, just 53 percent of AT&T customers who plan to buy an iPhone said they are waiting for the fifth-generation model.”

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Marsal reports, “‘This pent up demand for the next iPhone at Verizon may drive numbers higher than the 3.8 (million) units we are modeling Apple to sell through Verizon in the Sept. quarter,’ Munster wrote. ‘And our overall iPhone unit estimate of 22.0m in the Sept. quarter may prove to be conservative.'”

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      1. So I suppose if the sampling was 21 or 22 persons, in one Starbucks, you’d still say “I bet the percentage wouldn’t change much with n=216,000.” 🙂

        The percentage would certainly be significantly different if the survey was extended to many locations (instead of just one), with several thousand participants. However, the “trend” probably would not be different… a lot of current Verizon customers are waiting for iPhone 5 to be released.

    1. Hi John, just curious as to why you thought waiting for the iPhone 5 was worth forgoing the iPhone 4 with unlimited data in early July? Now your wife will be subject to the tiered data plans. I suppose if she’s not a big user it might not make much difference. But my son (college student) was due for an upgrade. I advised him to go for the unlimited data and he got a white iPhone 4. I’m interested in the alternate point of view.

      1. I don’t have an iPhone (monthly plans just too expensive), but have an Android. I stream music online for about two hours a day (daily commute, plus lunch hour). I often download apps over 3G (Sprint’s ‘Virgin Mobile’ brand). In any given month, I’ve sucked down at most 2GB of data, and I don’t hesitate for a moment to use data network, as I have an unlimited plan with Virgin ($25 per month all data, all text and 300 min voice).

        If I were just a bit more reasonable with my 3G use (connecting via WiFi wherever available), I’m sure my consumption just might even fit below the 200MB mark.

        It is rather difficult to exceed the monthly 2GB allowance that AT&T and Verizon give on their metered data plans. Especially for those who are near WiFi networks most of the time (such as college campuses).

  1. “And our overall iPhone unit estimate of 22.0m in the Sept. quarter may prove to be conservative.”

    Aren’t they always!!? No matter how far they push their estimates up, they always underestimate. 🙂

  2. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am sick and tire, fed up, disgusted and bored with the continuing dissimulation of comparing/contrasting iPhone with Android. Whoever framed the debate had Google’s advantage in mind.

    ANDROID IS NOT A PHONE (Google does not make hardware). It is an OS whose questionable parentage is presently being decided by the courts.

    Actually, Android is freeware – I stopped just short of calling it malware, because of it surreptitious, insidious, immoral, if not illegal, practice of data mining for profit.

    The comparison ought to be iPhone vs HTC, HP, MS, Motorola, Samsung, MS, RIM, Nokia et al. The discussion of Android ought not to dignify it by elevating it to the esteemed level of iPhone (iOS).

    Let’s be prudent to frame the discussion more accurately in the future by relegating Android to its proper place, freeware.

    1. I couldn’t agree more with Eric. The entire Android thing is a farce. Software freeware with phone return rates of almost 50% compared to software OS, hardware and an ecosystem with a return rate of less than 10%. The data mining done by Android is truly disgusting and is genuinely evil. The amount of profit to apple in the smartphone market is astounding. Android= $0.00. This is set up by the press and promulgated by the same geeks who love Linux. Apple currently has no competition. Sales channel shipped phones is not the same as sold phones. iOs 240,000,000 devices dwarfs Android partial OS incompatible phones and pretty much no tablets, certainly no Andoid pods. Android is not and has never been a platform! Until there is intra-compatiblility between Android enabled devices, there is no platform. Can you imagine if Windows took on Apple with an OS that was incompatible between HP, Compaq, Dell, Gateway? Apple would never have lost OS dominance. Google does search well and fucks everyone’s privacy in the process. It is the picture of internet evil, because it created a drug, Search, that everyone now needs and wants and it steals everything you search for, delivering it to the inheritors of junk snail mail. It isn’t Google vs Apple. It’s Google versus us.

      1. Well done, Michael and j.eric. It doesn’t take long reading the articles and responses at a site like Engadget to see what a cluster fsck Android is. Each manufacturer sets its schedule for which phones receive which update, assuming they are capable of being updated. What a giant steaming turd of a mess. No wonder that Android phones are being ditched in greater quantity for the iPhone than vice versa.

  3. There seems to be this assumption that Apple will release CDMA model of the next iPhone at the same time with the GSM model.

    I’m not sure if history supports this assumption. CDMA (Verizon) iPhone 4 took 8 months to come out after the GSM model. System updates for CDMA model seem to be behind as well. Verizon’s sales represent a rather small percentage of all iPhones sold on the global markets.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if CDMA iPhone continued on its own schedule, projecting the next Verizon iPhone 5 early next year.

    Will all those Verizon users continue to wait (and suffer Android) until February?

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