Facebook blocks users from installing secret iPad app

“Just last night, our own MG Siegler unveiled that Facebook’s top secret iPad app was hiding in plain sight right within the publicly available iPhone app,” Greg Kumparak reports for TechCrunch. “All it took was a quick, mostly-pain-free modification or two, and you were knee deep in unexplored Beta territory.”

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“Alas, it looks like Facebook has found a way to close things back up,” Kumparak reports. “We’re hearing tons (as in hundreds) of reports that users who are just now getting around to checking out the trick are unable to do so. The iPad-friendly app still launches — you just can’t do much, as newcomers are being turned away at the login screen.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. This is what happens when you have a youngling in charge of a company, They want to play the ‘I don’t like you, so you can’t have it’ childish game.

  2. When I last checked Cydia, there was already a fix for their counter-measure.

    I don’t personally give a crap about Facebook, but this is all very entertaining to watch!

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