Fixes, tips and tricks for Mac OS X Lion

“A few million Mac users devoted the weekend to installing and rummaging through OS X Lion, Apple’s latest and maybe last cat for Mac. Overall, impressions are good, but a few quirks caught my eye,” Ron McElfresh writes for Mac360.

Fixes, tips and tricks for Mac OS X Lion:
• Make Library reappear
• Alex has friends (including Samantha; download her today)
• Add iCal Events
• Dictionary fun
• Folder fun
• Zooming
• Preview signatures

McElfresh writes, “Lion contains a few hundred new features similar to the above. So far, our experience with Lion has been very good. A few 3rd party apps still need to be upgraded, but no major issues to date.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Scrolling hint: In OS X Lion, imagine a long sheet of paper; pull it down to see the top, push it up to see the bottom.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Anyone else having trouble with the PDF plugin working in the Safari browser? I have both Adobe’s and a third party plugin, one of which worked in Snow Leopard, but can’t get it to work in Lion. Any suggestions?

  2. So far, smooth transition to Lion. Only issue I’ve had is that iWeb, running in Lion will only open the last opened .sites file, no matter if you double clicked on a different .sites file. Now I have open different .sites files by dropping them into the iWebDrop app.

  3. Personally I like the fact that you CAN reverse the scroll but I think it’s still more ergonomic to pull your finger down to scroll down. The default should be the old way. Let’s see…I had a problem in full screen view in Aperture where I got a black screen trying to view my photos full screen. I really like the 2 finger scroll left to go back a page…and very quickly and nice eye candy too. One thing I would like added in safari is…if you click a link and it opens up another tab…when I swipe left with 2 fingers…safari should close that tab and bring me back to the last tab…very much a time saver!! That’s my 2 cents

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