Skydiving iPhone 4 survives 13,500-foot drop

Jarrod McKinney was “just absolutely shocked” when he found out his Apple iPhone 4 survived a fall from his pocket while he was skydiving from 13,500 feet.

CNN reports, “He found the gadget, its glass surfaces shattered, on top of a building about a half-mile away from where he landed with his parachute.”

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“Joe Johnson, a skydiving instructor, said he and a few friends watched from the ground below the two-story building as McKinney raised the phone above his head in triumph after he located it using a GPS tracking app,” CNN reports. “Just to be funny, Johnson decided to call the busted phone.

“He didn’t expect the call to go through. But it did,” CNN reports. “McKinney felt the phone vibrate and started laughing. ‘They were all like, ‘It works! It works!” he said of his friends watching his rooftop search from the bottom of the building.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Ringtone? Tom Petty’s Free Fallin’, right?

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward W.” for the heads up.]


  1. I havent had a phone go for a long fall but i did have a panasonic toughbook fall 4 stories and land on a cement floor.

    I saw the handle go flying off the thing and it bounced twice.

    As i walked up to it i heard the new mail tone sound off and was shocked to find that beyond a big dent in the corner of the case and the broken handle it was still running.

    2 weeks later the HD started failing im sure the hard jolt helped start that process lol

  2. Anyone else catch this retardedness?

    “Mike Gikas, a tech editor at Consumer Reports, the nonprofit group that tests phones and other gadgets for their reliability, jokingly said that McKinney finally found a way to fix the phone’s reception woes, by dropping it from a plane.”


  3. The CNN story really repeats the Antennagate crapola again (CR has lost all credibility, IMHO), and gratuitously portrays the Android as more durable. Even with such evidence staring them in the face. Lamestream media indeed.

    1. Yeah, the title suggests a pro-iphone article but it does more antennagate FUD and propping up Android than anything. Like all Android hardware could have the same durability…….its the OS people….it has ZERO to do with the durability of the hardware. They’re forgetting that the only company that integrates the OS AND the hardware for a phone is Apple. Where’s the testing results for every Android phone taking a fall? Don’t hold your breath…..

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