“Jerry Seinfeld is now a member of the Twitterati, sending his first two tweets out this Friday,” Ben Parr reports for Mashable.

“The famous comedian and actor has chosen @SeinTime as his new Twitter handle,” Parr reports. “While the account has not officially been verified by Twitter yet, The New York Times confirmed with one of Seinfeld’s representatives that @SeinTime is the real deal.”

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Parr reports, “Since joining, Seinfeld has amassed more than 25,000 [111,000] followers, and that number is quickly growing.”

MacDailyNews Note: Seinfeld’s friend, comedian Tom Papa, used his iPad 2 to snap a photo of Jerry sending his first tweet with his Apple iPhone 4:

Jerry Seinfeld with his Apple iPhone 4

Jerry Seinfeld with his Apple iPhone 4

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MacDailyNews Take: Because you’ve obviously been an Apple Man forever and continue to be, we almost forgive you for those godawful Microsoft commercials, Jerry. Almost.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Manny S.” for the heads up.]