IT Enquirer reviews Apple’s Final Cut Pro X: Very much a professional’s tool

“Final Cut Pro X is a clear break with the past,” Alphons Brookson writes for IT Enquirer. “The way you do things in FCPX is completely different, and even the terms used are different.”

“I’m sure Final Cut Pro X doesn’t appeal (yet) to professional video editors because Apple has done what Apple is best at: bring down the software and the way you use it to a level of a 7-year old — which is basically what we want from software, until it interferes with our position as experts,” Brookson writes. “You can feel frustrated about that, but it’s inevitable, and Apple has a leading role in this evolution.”

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Brookson writes, “However, after having edited three videos with Final Cut Pro X, which translates in an experience of about three weeks, I can safely say FCPX in my humble opinion is very much a professional’s tool — it makes video editing not that simple that anyone can do it. To accomplish that, Apple would have had to throw a lot more overboard.”

Much more in the full review here.

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  1. The beginning of this guy’s review: “First of all: I am not a professional video editor and have never had to experience the stress of working against a deadline in a workgroup.” Nuff said.

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