New research doubts link between cellphones and cancer

“The scientific journal Environmental Health Perspectives has published a reexamination of medical studies that has cast doubt on claims that cellphones cause cancer,” Electronista reports.

“Partly contradicting a WHO study from May that raised the possibility of a health risk, the study argued that the proof was ‘increasingly against’ a link between frequent cellphone use and brain tumors,” Electronista reports. “The WHO’s report was simply trying to classify what kind of risk might exist and not the actual likelihood of an illness, EHP said.”

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  1. Sheesh, people… Use your brain… obviously the jury is still out for mobile phones. Just because they’ve been around in common use for all your life, doesn’t mean they’re safe. As was mentioned, there haven’t really been long-term studies done on cell-usage because really, only those in their 20s have used them all their lives.

    Anyone over 35 probably remembers *gasp* NOT having a mobile phone and *gasp* not having the internet and *gasp* not having the political opinion site

    1. “Sheesh, people… Use your brain…”

      Now how can we do that if it’s damaged from those darn cellphones? Huh?

      And “gasp”, are you asthmatic?

  2. There are several presumptions in the usual arguments.
    Cancer is often the center of discussion and the subject of headlines, but is really a decoy, as if that is the only condition that could result from exposure to this energy. How about neurodegeneration? A leaky blood brain barrier (BBB) caused by microwaves and the resulting neurodegeneration has nothing do with cancer but instead with neurological deterioration.

    The other issue that it is commonly assumed and implied in attempts to be helpful is that if there is a problem at all, then a higher exposure, must be more damaging than a lower exposure. But researchers have discovered just the opposite – at least in rats. i.e that weaker fields have more of a negative effect on the BBB.

    “The most remarkable observation in our studies on the effects of microwaves on the BBB is the fact that the lower SAR values (around 1 mW/kg) give rise to more pronounced albumin leakage than the higher SAR values. If increase in dose had led to increased response, we feel that the risk of cellular telephones, base-stations, and other RF-emitting sources could be managed by reduction of their emitted energy. The indications from our study that the weakest fields are the biologically most harmful, poses a complicated problem…The weakest exposure level showed the greatest effect in opening the BBB (blood brain barrier), and in neuron damage and death.” Eberhard et al (2008).

  3. The biggest problem is that the study that the WHO relies upon for its warning is based upon surveys of patients who are looking in hindsight as to why they may have gotten gliomas. I mean, there’s clear bias in a survey like that.

    The problem is, shouldn’t medical data show an increase in overall brain tumors? This should be very easy to settle. If there’s no statistical increase in the number of brain tumors since the inception of the first cellphone, then I find it hard to believe there’s any health risk.

  4. Next months’ headline:

    The month after that’s headline:

    Month after the month after that’s headline:

    Rinse, repeat, ad nauseam…

    Such is the state of stooopid science these days. Convince someone to give you a grant for something or other, and hand back something or other. Meanwhile, we dance around as little media puppets as one string then another is pulled, wondering if this or that is going to kill us.

    It’s the FUD LAND! Enjoy your stay. But stay off balance! We like it that way.

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