RUMOR: Beleaguered RIM axes 10-inch PlayBook tablet

“A few weeks back we exclusively received word on some of the details regarding the rumored 10″ BlackBerry PlayBook aka PlayBook 2,” Lucas Atkins reports for N4BB.

“However, it seems RIM has changed their mind, as we’ve received new word that the entire 10″ PlayBook development has been canceled,” Atkins reports. “The reason we’re told is for production focus on the first QNX powered BlackBerry ‘Superphone.'”

Atkins reports, “There is no known release date for the BlackBerry ‘Superphone’ or a known codename.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: There’s only one “superphone.”

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  1. I can’t wait to hear the co-CEOs explain how they discovered that the 7-inch playbook is so perfect, so exactly what everyone wants, that they realized they had to dump the 10-incher because their current level of perfection could never be equaled.

  2. Probably a good think for RIM. If the 10″ Playbook was going to be as half-assed as the 7″ model, then RIM should put its money into a new phone OS rather than a tablet that’s going to gather dust on Staples’ shelves.

    1. It’s not the OS per se, but rather the software layered on top of it.

      QNX is an Unix-like OS that was developed for realtime applications. I’ve been aware of it since the 80s. It has a very good reputation for realtime systems in a wide variety industries; even after being purchased by RIM it is still available for purchase, see

      I hope that if RIM dissolves, QNX survives and grows.

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