Google’s ‘Swiffy’ converts .SWF Flash files into HTML5 for Apple iOS devices

“Google on Tuesday unveiled a new experimental tool for developers called Swiffy, which converts some .SWF Flash files into HTML5 code compatible with devices like the iPhone and iPad,” Slash Lane reports for AppleInsider.

“Swiffy is available at Google Labs, where the search giant’s engineers create experimental applications that may not be ready for primetime or intended for the masses,” Lane reports. “Using the Swiffy website, anyone can upload an SWF file and convert it to HTML5.”

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Lane reports, “Swiffy supports most of the Flash 5 ActionScript specification. The output file works in all browsers based on Apple’s open-source Webkit engine, which powers the Mobile Safari browser found on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Also available on the site are a gallery of videos and games that have been converted to HTML5 from Flash…”

More information in the the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Lava_Head_UK” and “qka” for the heads up.]


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