The top U.S. Mac-using cities and states

Chitika Insight’s newest research into Mac use shows that San Francisco — and five other California cities have the highest penetration of Mac users in the country.

As Apple products continue to gain popularity and momentum across the U.S.A, an interesting question has emerged: Which states have the highest concentration of Mac owners and in what cities do these Mac-aholics reside?

Chitika, whose ad network serves up more than 70 million impressions daily, found that California cities take the crown: 48% of the top Mac using cities are in California. Mac share in the golden state overall is at 14% — compared to 10 percent nationwide. The data was gathered over June 2nd – 8th.

The story develops further when the data is narrowed to include only city data. Six of the top ten biggest cities in America with the highest Mac market share are in California, with San Francisco taking home the gold, and L.A. close behind in 3rd. Here’s a breakdown of the biggest cities with the highest Mac market share:

Chitika Top U.S. Mac-using cities

One in seven Californian desktop computer users own a Mac, which translates to more than five million people.  Further digging into the research revealed that four out of the top five cities with the highest Mac usage in the nation reside in California – with Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, and Berkley taking 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th place, respectively.

State-by-state figures, though, point to Vermont as the top U.S. State with 19.55% Mac users, just edging out Hawaii with 19.41. Maine is third with 15.99% (likely thanks to the state’s wide-ranging Apple 1 to 1 Learning program).

Top U.S. Mac-using states

Check out the interactive map to see Mac usage in your state here.


  1. Having seen a great deal of Wyoming, I can say it’s probably just the sheer lack of retail presence. There are probably less than ten Best Buys in the whole state, and there are zero Apple Stores in Wyoming. For most, the only retail choice they have is buying a computer from Walmart (and many towns don’t even have one of those). Many others will have to order online or from mail order.

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