The top U.S. Mac-using cities and states

Chitika Insight’s newest research into Mac use shows that San Francisco — and five other California cities have the highest penetration of Mac users in the country.

As Apple products continue to gain popularity and momentum across the U.S.A, an interesting question has emerged: Which states have the highest concentration of Mac owners and in what cities do these Mac-aholics reside?

Chitika, whose ad network serves up more than 70 million impressions daily, found that California cities take the crown: 48% of the top Mac using cities are in California. Mac share in the golden state overall is at 14% — compared to 10 percent nationwide. The data was gathered over June 2nd – 8th.

The story develops further when the data is narrowed to include only city data. Six of the top ten biggest cities in America with the highest Mac market share are in California, with San Francisco taking home the gold, and L.A. close behind in 3rd. Here’s a breakdown of the biggest cities with the highest Mac market share:

Chitika Top U.S. Mac-using cities

One in seven Californian desktop computer users own a Mac, which translates to more than five million people.  Further digging into the research revealed that four out of the top five cities with the highest Mac usage in the nation reside in California – with Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, and Berkley taking 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th place, respectively.

State-by-state figures, though, point to Vermont as the top U.S. State with 19.55% Mac users, just edging out Hawaii with 19.41. Maine is third with 15.99% (likely thanks to the state’s wide-ranging Apple 1 to 1 Learning program).

Top U.S. Mac-using states

Check out the interactive map to see Mac usage in your state here.


  1. Well, I certainly do see enough people carrying iPads, iPhones, iPod Touches and notebooks in the NYC Metro area, so it wouldn’t surprise me one bit that NYC has a high concentration of Apple devices. There are certainly plenty of retail stores, but I think they sell to a lot of tourists. I was hoping the Big Apple would have the greatest number of Apple product users, but that’s OK since NYC isn’t that far behind.

  2. I was surprised to see that down here in South Florida the stats were so low. Every doctor that I have come across is using a Mac
    and in turn they mention all of their colleagues do as well. If I walk into an Apple store in my area they are rolling these out on trollies left and right at any hour of the day. Hmmm

    1. Maybe they were rolled right into the Bermuda Triangle and disappeared in there only to reappear again in Cuba.

      Scene in the Fidel Castro’s office.

      “Hello Il Presidente, may I present to you a Macintosh for your birthday.”

      “But Raul, I already have 10,000 Macs in the palace. Where am I going to store them all?”

      “Well Señor Presidente, that is all well and good but we must find a way to support Señor El Jobso, who follows the communist doctrine in the way he runs Apple.”

      “Yes, Raul, perhaps you are right. But how are we paying for all this?”

      “Oh don’t worry Señor Presidente, I have a special arrangement with that gringo President of the United States. We send him cigars and he sends us money.”

      “Raul, you are not yet a genius. Close, but no cigar. I told you to not only sell those gringos our beautiful Havana cigars but also to tell Señor Michael Moore to send more gringos to our hospitals so we can charge them gringo money, muy, muy dollars to go in my bank account.”

      1. Ballmer’s Left Nut seems to be talking out of his closely located orifice. Although I don’t support any political system, I think that BLN has not clue about Apple Inc or even less of a clue about communism. Although he is typical of the mentality of the people of the states with the lowest Mac use, I am sure he could read up a bit about communist philosophy on Wikipedia.

        Consider getting some knowledge before you post such drivel.

      2. WTF?
        Steve Jobs — one of the greatest capitalists of all time — is a Communist? In the words of “The Princess Bride”:

        “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

        And the President doesn’t smoke cigars. Bill Clinton smoked cigars. Schwarzenegger smokes cigars. Obama smokes the occasional cigarette.

  3. High correlation between Mac use and high earnings. People with more disposable income will spend more on higher quality items.

    Would be interesting to see a big dark green splotch on the map to represent Redmond. Rumor has it that a lot of MS employees dual-boot at home from their Macs.

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