IDC: Apple becomes Australia’s number one mobile brand as Nokia plummets

Apple has become the top mobile device vendor in Australia for the first time, with nearly one third market share, IDC’s Q1 2011 Mobile Device Tracker revealed.

“Nokia suffered a double whammy, the feature phone market collapsed, with 79% of new mobiles shipped now being smartphones. Meanwhile, Symbian took a huge tumble, as consumers shy away from the platform ahead of Nokia’s transition to Windows Phone,” said Mark Novosel, Telecommunications Analyst, at IDC, in the press release.c”Symbian lost 9.5% market share Q/Q, more than double IDC’s forecast decline. We expected Symbian to decline steadily throughout 2011, however the pace of decline has exceeded all expectations, with the majority of would-be Symbian buyers heading to Apple,” added Novosel.

In the smartphone market, Apple now holds close to 40% market share, up almost 10% Q/Q. Android, in second place, holds nearly 30% of the market, and Symbian has plunged to third with 22% of the smartphone market.

“The weakness in Symbian and slow initial growth of Windows Phone are providing a stimulus for iOS and Android, which will battle head to head for the top spot in 2011,” said Novosel.

“2011 will be an increasingly difficult year for Nokia, as consumers side-step Symbian smartphones and feature phone popularity continues to dwindle. Microsoft will also face a tough year with slow Windows Phone 7 growth expected, as the iOS and Android tussle intensifies. As Nokia launches its first Windows Phone models in early 2012, and Symbian shipments eventually stop, Microsoft should start to see an uplift,” concluded Novosel.

Source: IDC


  1. I have a few Aussie friends in Sydney and Melbourne and almost all of them without exception own an iPhone. Apple is very big in Australia. Not only iPhones are selling well there but Macs and iPads also. They know good tech when they see it do the Aussies. The only problem with dialling on the iPhone of course is the difficulty of looking at the numbers when you’re upside down with 15 beers in your gut.

  2. PS… “The only problem with dialling on the iPhone of course is the difficulty of looking at the numbers when you’re upside down with 15 beers in your gut.”

    That is what the voice dialing is for. Of course you need the aussie version language app too. ….

    Just a thought,

  3. IDC are the same clowns that predicted Windows Phone 7 would be No. 2 worldwide with a 20% share by 2015. What’s happening in Australia is the same thing happening all over the world. Once Apple gets onto more carriers, it will likely command a 40% share in most countries and if it introduces a iPhone Lite, the sky’s the limit. Nokia and Windows Phone 7 are dead in the water! Some people rave about the tile interface of the Windows Phone. That’s because it only has 5 apps. What happens when somebody wants 20 apps on their phone? It’ll be like a freakin’ rolodex trying to find an app. Stupid interface!

  4. I went to Sydney in february and everywhere i looked there were iPhones, within 5 minutes of arriving I had seen 13 iPhones (I was counting) and even the taxi driver had one.

  5. Every Nokia customer that switched to Apple will be lost for good. The only way to win them back is to significantly out innovate Apple. Nokia has abadoned it’s software and now relies on the sloth Microsoft for salvation. By the time Nokia’s window phone comes out the battle will have been won. Nokia investors Sell Now while there is still time!!

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