Beleaguered RIM slashes PlayBook production plans

“RIM, viewing that only about 500,000 PlayBooks, its first tablet PC, were sold globally from its launch in mid-April to early June, has downward adjusted its internal sales target for the second quarter, from 2.4 million units originally to 800,000-900,000 units, according to sources from Taiwan-based supply chain makers,” Yenting Chen and Joseph Tsai report for DigiTimes.

MacDailyNews Take: RIM said they shipped 500,000 PlayBook units into the channel, not sold. Big difference. Companies that are in trouble usually tout shipment figures and avoid sales figures whenever possible.

Chen and Tsai report, “Although PlayBook did not achieve its original shipment target, its shipment performance is still one of the front-end players within the non-Apple tablet PC group, especially for products mainly selling in the US and Europe.”

MacDailyNews Take: Translation: DCW RIM’s PlayBook is still one of the most successful warehouse and retail shelving dust covers in the world.

“Apple currently still has the strongest sales among tablet PC players with its orders to the supply chain expected to reach 8-10 million units in the second quarter. In addition to RIM, Acer has also recently reduced its Iconia tablet PC shipments target from 5-7 million units in 2011 to only 2.5-3 million units,” Chen and Tsai report. “Currently, monthly shipments of Motorola’s Xoom, Acer’s Iconia, Asustek’s Eee Pad Transformer and RIM’s PlayBook average at about 100,000-200,000 units.”

MacDailyNews Take: Who the hell is buying those pieces of crap pretend iPads and does their collective IQ even add up to half of the average iPad user’s? These shameless peddlers of fake iPads ought to include free drool cups with every crapPad purchase.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: There is no such thing as a “tablet PC” market. Call it what it is: The iPad market.

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  1. I really pity the clueless folks who see stuff like the idiotic Verizon “we know tablets” ads, and believe that there are viable rivals to the iPad. They could end up owning a Playbook, the poor SOBs.

  2. Let’s see it has been 18 months since intro in Janaury of 2010 and still nothing close ……

    Sales figures 100k to 200k per month …. Hum gotta wonder what they will report after the sales channels are filled and the returns are counted ….. Bet ya they reduce to under 100k month ….

    Oh, did I mention the iPad 3 coming – iPad 2 is not a huge upgrade but the 3 will be ….

  3. The Playbook won’t see much success because of Blackberry’s inability to send email to multiple devices. So it’s ability to sell in the corporate space is severely limited.

    And Blackberry doesn’t have the fan base in the consumer sector either.

    I tried to use the Blackberry and found the UI not very intuitive.

    And the hardware design isn’t that interesting. The prognostications for the Playbook are not good. It needs a compelling story beyond the spec sheet.

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