Senior iOS product manager John Herbold leaves Apple; credited with key roles in iCloud, Photo Stream

“A senior iOS product manager at Apple, John Herbold, has left the company to become a product VP at a company called HealthTeacher,” iPodNN reports.

“According to the latter firm Herbold played a ‘key role’ in developing and launching iCloud, and led efforts in developing and marketing iCloud’s Photo Stream image sync technology,” iPodNN reports. “Prior to those efforts Herbold was a senior product manager on MobileMe, and was involved in the development of web and iOS apps as well as services.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. It’s all part of Steve’s master succession plan: gradually replace all senior employees with sentient robot equivalents so that Apple’s leadership remains strong forever. Never again will investors worry about Steve’s health!

  2. I’m not worried about people leaving Apple. Every company is required to ‘breathe’ on a regular basis. Out with the old air, in with the new air. Hopefully some deadwood goes out with the old air.

    What I want to know is who is coming IN to Apple to take on new roles. How about reporting THAT news as well? Considering that Apple is THE innovative company amidst todays self-destructive biznizz culture, I suspect Apple has their pick of quality people asking for an entrance key.

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