What’s new in Apple’s latest OS X Lion developer update

“The handsome new login screen in the update to OS X Lion Developer Preview 4, that Apple released on Wednesday afternoon (Build number 11A494A)… [is] a dark linen motif, and it’s used in several places in the Lion and iOS 5,” Leander Kahney reports for Cult of Mac.

“We got sneak peek of this color scheme during Steve Jobs’ presentation at WWDC,” Kahney reports. “Now it has been rolled out to developers, and soon to the public.”

MacDailyNews Note: It’s most noticeable on iPhone and iPad as the background for Notifications Center when you swipe down from the top of the screen on devices running iOS 5.

Kahney reports, “The dark linen background is also used in Mission Control. Invoking Mission Control now defaults to an upward three- or four-finger swipe.”

More info and screenshots in the full article here.


  1. “The icons in previous versions of Mail were a little cryptic. A paper airplane to mean send? A new option allows them to show both text and icon.”

    Mac OS X has always had the option to display both text and icons in the toolbar.

    1. He has more serious issues to consider if he can’t figure out which icon in Mail shows sent and received mail. Like which end of his body shit comes out of when he defecates.

  2. Seriously guys,if I have a Macbook that doesn’t do “Multitouch Gestures” .. should I even get this new OS? I guess it’s not that end of the world, but.. switching btw full screen apps, … hmm without multitouch, how do you do that

    1. There are keyboard equivalents for them.

      In the case of the new fullscreen apps, an icon in the application’s toolbar triggers fullscreen mode, and when you’re in it, move the cursor the upper right, and an icon appears for exiting fullscreen mode.

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