Analyst: Apple to debut new MacBook Air models with OS X Lion next month

“Apple’s refresh of the MacBook Air should come in July packing Apple’s newest OS X Lion operating system, a Deutsche Bank analyst said today,” Brooke Crothers reports for CNET.

“‘Our checks suggest a forthcoming MacBook Air refresh in July where we believe units could ramp to as high as 1.5M units per [quarter] or 50 percent of the MacBook business,’ analyst Chris Whitmore wrote in a research note distributed via e-mail,” Crothers reports. “The most significant upgrade to the Air is expected to be the switch to Intel’s new Sandy Bridge processors. Less certain is whether the new models get the high-speed Thunderbolt port, though it has been widely reported that they will.”

Crothers reports, “Whitmore’s note continued: ‘We also believe Lion will drive a strong upgrade cycle due to: 1) low ASP; 2) significant enhancements/feature upgrades; and 3) arrives in conjunction with MacBook Air refresh.'”

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  1. Apple’s hate for the Mac Pro runs deep. First they kill the Xserve because it wasn’t selling well. Will the Mac Pro be next for the chopping block? I suppose only top of the line sellers get Apple’s love these days. For sure the Airs look fantastic. I looked at it seriously but decided to go for the MBP instead. Couple that with an iPad 2, I’m good to go.

  2. I don’t see Lion coming ahead of schedule. Granted, I do expect a new MBA, but it will originally ship with Snow Leopard followed by the free Lion upgrade. No reason not to, since Lion will be downloadable from the App Store.

  3. With only a $200 spread between the ‘ancient’ Macbook and the cool new Macbook Pro 13″, and the $999.00 price of the entry level Air, I’m wondering why Apple would want to continue the Macbook line at all. Frankly, I think Macbooks are now passé.

  4. The MacBook Airs seem relatively compromised in the graphics department compared to all other Macs but if they have Thunderbolt, theoretically they could be given a boost by an external graphics card-type of device, right?

  5. hi there dream macbook air 13.3 inches 1 tb ddr777 ram and multi-terabyte ssd glows in the dark with a no glasses 3d screen and a 3d halographic projector built in

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