Steve Jobs wanted to build mothership campus nearly three decades ago

“Cupertino was not Steve Jobs’ first choice for a state-of-the-art Apple headquarters,” Julia Prodis Sulek reports for The San Jose Mercury News.

“He had another vision three decades ago, when the computer genius was young and healthy, on the cover of Time magazine and on the verge of introducing the Macintosh,” Sulek reports. “It was 1983 when Jobs took a helicopter ride with a real estate consultant, had cocktails at Carry Nations bar in Los Gatos with then-San Jose Mayor Tom McEnery, then announced he was ready to build a ‘statement’ corporate campus. The location: the southern end of San Jose — on the green pastures of Coyote Valley. He even lined up a world-renowned architect, in that case I.M. Pei.”

“How history would have changed, how the fortunes of San Jose would be different, had the project gone forward are immeasurable,” Sulek reports. “But one thing is clear: The vision for the modernist Apple headquarters that Jobs unveiled in Cupertino last week is remarkably similar to the one he had dreamed about for San Jose'”

“And three men involved in Apple’s Coyote Valley project — McEnery; real estate consultant Bob Feld; and former Apple vice president Al Eisenstat — are amazed that even after 28 years, Jobs never gave up,” Sulek reports. “‘I am absolutely thrilled that after everything he has gone through, physically and everything else, that he still has this desire to take on something of this magnitude,’ said Feld, now a vice president with Cornish & Carey in Sacramento. ‘To me, it’s as if time hasn’t shifted — 30 years, same vision, same scope, same dream.'”

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[Attribution: Cult of Mac. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lava_Head_UK” for the heads up.]


  1. There are many things to be said about Steve Jobs (negative and positive), but in my perspective nothings shows the clarity of leadership as much as this story. A leader never loses his / or hers vision, it just hibernates, waiting for the pieces to all come together.

    While I don’t agree with all Steve Jobs says or does, I admire his leadership skills. The way to see a vision through, and to captivate other leaders to follow him while accomplishing it.

  2. Steve has always been true to himself. His inner compass has been unfailing. It will always be so. He will carry this tremendous strength and fortitude to heaven. Earth has been so blessed. Steve is a Titan.

    1. Very well said ….. On of our times truly great leaders and innovators we are blessed to have his visions change the way we think about entertainment communication and now even construction I’m just sadend that Steve jobs isn’t givin the chance to get America back on track as he has done with everything else he has touched true leadership is what make countries and companies great and Steve is a true leader in every sence of the word

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