Apple updating retail store displays overnight Tuesday; new product on Wednesday?

“Sources have told 9to5Mac that Apple will be holding one of their retail store overnights on Tuesday. Since Apple has a flurry of upcoming product releases, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what Apple will be releasing – if anything, on Wednesday, June 15th,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac.

Gurman reports, “At this point, we are unsure of what is exactly going down Wednesday. It could be new MacBook Airs, Mac minis, Mac Pros, Servers, AirPorts, Time Capsules, or… Apple removing parts of their rumored-be-disappearing software wall… [or] could be related to Apple’s annual Back to School promotion.”

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    1. Rather pay a bit more for something that lasts for years than a cheap crappy piece of shit that breaks down just outside of it’s warranty period and has to be junked. How old is your PoS Wintel box? Where I work there were a dozen Wintel boxes thrown out after a couple of years; we still have a Mac from a previous business that works that was made in 1999. My PowerBook dates from 2003, my 80Gb iPod from 2005. I’ve never, ever seen one of those crap badge-engineered Zune (Toshiba) players. Suck it up, clowns, only an idiot or the impoverished would buy a Wintel box out of choice.

    2. WTF!?!
      Where did these two Winblows trolls come from?
      They’ve been posting here now for (too many) days.
      Hey, WPM & B&D- go poison the Dvorack, Xzoom, M$, etc. boards and STFU here already, dig?

    1. Macbook Pro received 2nd gen i5 and i7 in February with the release of Thunderbolt. I am hoping Time Capsule with more features (VPN Gateway, update caching?) or Macbook Air and Mini with Core i proc?

    1. Looks like we have another junior high dropout paying a visit. It’s parents must really be proud. This shows there sometimes is justification for abortion.

    1. “wow, the MS dev team is here…”

      Naw, the short yellow bus full of their offspring is making a visit to a Microsoft Store and getting a little hands-on with the PCs.

  1. I love to see these idiots mouth off about Apple. It really shows their ignorance. I think Rorschach had it right; and I have always said that people only hate Apple out of ignorance, denial, or jealousy. It’s a shame, really. If I had enough money, I would buy them all Macs and end all their reasons for hating them; those that still s

  2. I wouldn’t worry too much about the idiot trolls above. They are posting on a Sunday because they know the MDN moderator will show up tomorrow and delete their posts.

    1. Well… the total lack of anything in their posts that resembles intelligent is pretty much as sure sign they will be ignored anyway.

      They may as well have just typed in booga-booga-booga, for all the sense they made.

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