How Steve Jobs’ Pixar experience helped lead to Apple’s iCloud

“The folks at Amazon and Google must have been wringing their hands on Monday when Apple CEO Steve Jobs showed off a new service called iTunes Matc,” Mark Milian reports for CNN.

“That all-important ‘one more thing’ from Apple’s software presentation is part of the iCloud Web application and storage suite,” Milian reports. “It was a coup of sorts — and Apple’s win over competitors could be attributed to Jobs’ experience at Pixar Animation Studios, which he co-founded.”

Milian asks, “How did Apple pull off something Amazon and Google couldn’t, despite them launching cloud-music services first?”

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  1. Apple launched later because you need time to design a breakthrough product/services. It doesn’t matter if you’re the first in the market if what you’re offering gives the user a bad experience. Be late, but be right!

    1. Right, but you probably want to upload them to your devices the traditional way (usb), instead of using the internet (and cell towers) to move around that huge collection.

    2. If those 2000 CDs are in the Apple iTunes Music Store’s catalog they won’t count toward the 25,000 limit. That limit is only for those tracks that can’t be matched to the iTMS’s catalog.

  2. The difference is Apple figured out a plan that benefits everyone: consumers, music labels, and Apple. Then Apple got the music labels to sign up, showing them how the service can help reduce music piracy. Amazon and Google just rammed their service out the door without getting the music labels to cooperate, most likely because they knew Apple was about to launch it’s service. Amazon and Google are all about themselves, while Apple made sure it’s service was good for consumers and the music labels first, meaning Apple will benefit more in the long run.

  3. They launched first because they knew, as we all did, that Apple were going to do it, but not till they had agreements with the parties concerned. If on the other hand you are willing to do it without any such agreements in place of course you can beat them to market, but all that is is a marketing ploy not a realistic competitor.

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