By next year, the cloud to most people will be Apple’s iCloud

“You have to hand it to Apple. When the company gets serious about something, it really creates a paradigm shift,” Galen Gruman writes for InfoWorld. “Yesterday, Apple did it again with iCloud, the forthcoming cloud service that will debut this fall with iOS 5 (it’s in partial beta now).”

“The concept is very simple: Have all your devices sync automatically over the air, using the cloud as the intermediary,” Gruman writes. “One account covers as many as 10 devices (including iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, Macs, in some cases PCs, and in some cases Apple TVs), and it handles contacts, calendars, email, music, e-books, e-magazines, documents, photos, and even apps. Make a change or purchase on one device, all your devices have it. Have all your key data backed up automatically as well.”

“That simplicity is an Apple hallmark. What Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced at the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) gets rid of the rat’s nest of synchronization and the hodgepodge of cloud services that mobile users contend with today,” Gruman writes. “Don’t be surprised if by 2012 the cloud to most people will be Apple’s iCloud, and the passport to enter that “magical” land will be an iOS device… To IT, iCloud will be a key venue for your productivity users. For developers, it’ll be where the profitable customers reside.”

Much more in the full article – recommended – here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dow C.” for the heads up.]


  1. Am I understanding correctly that this applies to Mac apps as well as iOS apps? Will we no longer need multiple licenses to run the same program on multiple computers?

    1. That’s already the case with all apps purchased on the Mac AppStore. It can be installed on all macs authorized with that same apple ID. As Steve said yesterday, that rule applies also to the installation of Mac OS X Lion. All your Macs. 1 low price of $29.99.


  2. “One account covers as many as 10 devices”

    Anyone has an idea about how this will differ from the current limit of 5 devices per iTunes account?
    Will 5 just be increased to 10 overall or will some features/media (like TV Shows) still be sharable only on 5 devices whilst others (like music, apps that sync via iCould…) will be allowed on 10 ?

  3. The great iCloud/MobileMe ripoff will also screw iPhone3GS users. We can’t run iOS 5 so we’ll probably lose calendar syncing at the end of June 2012 when MobileMe goes away. Hey, thanks so much Apple!

  4. Remember and the end of The Hangover when the dude finds his cell with all the pics from the craziness of the night before ? Imagine if iCloud was pushing those to his iPad that the wife has access to at home.

  5. When I download a 500 MB iPhone game at a wifi spot, I don’t want it automatically downloading to my ipad at home and hitting my Internet cap ! I want to sync it through itunes when I get home so I don’t waste bandwidth.

    I surely hope iCloud is highly configurable so I can sync some types of things and not others automatically. But Apple tends these types of settings “all or nothing” which can be such a pain.

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