Adobe CEO Narayen: Feud with Apple is over

“Adobe Systems CEO Shantanu Narayen said his company’s flap with Apple over the software used in websites is over,” Pui-Wing Tam reports for The Wall Street Journal. “Apple last year criticized Flash and Apple CEO Steve Jobs banned Flash from iPads and iPhones.”

“In an interview at the D9: All Things Digital conference, Narayen was asked about the argument Adobe had with Apple last year over software known as Flash,” Tam reports. “On Thursday, Narayen said of the episode with Apple: ‘Yes, the argument is over from our point of view.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Because you lost.

Tam reports, “Jobs has endorsed an emerging standard on the Web called HTML 5, which is being developed by a consortium that Apple is a part of, alongside Google. Narayen said Adobe now ‘welcomes the evolution of HTML and are actively contributing to it’ with typographic and design expertise.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Sleep tight, Shantanu.

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  1. Haha. The Ferengi makes it sound as if they won the argument over Apple. Argument is not over folks. Adobeass is still pushing FLASH hard to displace HTML5 & Apple. Don’t NE fooled by that Ferengi! lol

  2. Actually, the really interesting part of this is how it kneecaps all those other tablet/smartphone platforms that tout Flash “compatibility” as a feature that differentiates them from iPad.

  3. Well, that was over in a flash.
    The argument was just a flash in the pan.
    Apple collected it’s pound of flash.
    Adobe and its flash are like the emporer and his new clothes.
    Please no flash photography.

    Ah, the puns they just write themselves!-)

  4. Apple did not “ban” Flash from iOS. Apple just did not support it. Thankfully, that decision “banned” 80% of the ads on websites from polluting the iOS web-browsing experience. Unfortunately, ads follow the money…

    1. Yes, what’s up with that? STEVE JOBS BANNED FLASH FROM THE IPHONE!! Like there it was, working so great on iOS, and mean ol’ apple…

      Tech writers need to stop saying “banned,” and start saying “Chose to not support.” Is it THAT HARD?

    2. How about “Apple did sit around waiting for something that didn’t exist for over a year, and still acts like a power-hungry beta version on mobiles now”?

  5. Has anybody found out what Adobe blogger and “screw apple” dude John Dowdell has to say about this? Looks to me like he LIVES on the badmouthing apple.

  6. “Nothing is over until WE say it’s over! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?”

    John Belushi as Wild Bill Kelso from the 1979 motion picture: 1941.

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