RUMOR: Apple pushing journalists to WWDC for Mac OS X Lion, iOS 5 with new widgets, push notifications

“With WWDC quickly approaching, the rumor mills are heating up with what we should expect at Apple’s annual conference known for big announcements,” MG Siegler reports for TechCrunch.

Regarding reports that Apple is contacting media around the world to attend the event, “in no way is [a new iPhone] an obvious conclusion,” Siegler writes. “I’m not disputing the fact that Apple’s iPhone PR team wants people at this event. But guess what else that PR team is in charge of? iOS.”

Siegler writes, “we’re hearing that Apple is pushing for journalists to come to WWDC because the software announcements will be huge… And remember, this isn’t just about iOS 5. This is about Apple’s entire software backbone. iOS and OS X are both about to receive massive upgrades at the same time. And both will likely be extensively previewed at WWDC… Big news for iOS 5 — and yes, I’ve completely buried the lede here, thanks for reading! — two things: completely revamped notifications and widgets.”

Read more in the full article here.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


    1. Well, notifications will be very interesting, but… widgets? They’re basically apps, they do one thing, as opposed to many things (just like on the Mac). Besides Weather (which you can check in one second) do we really need this?

      Please Apple come up with a reason for this.

      I suppose they already have. If you swipe left, you’ll see you’re widgets, with a search bar on the top.. if you click the search bar a keyboard pops up. You’ll basically have Dashboard there.

      Why will people put it in? To familiarize Windows users more with Dashboard. And to increase the popularity of Dashboard.

      So now you can download Widgets from the iTunes Store, or the Mac App Store.

      Sound fun?

  1. It needs a better task switcher. Getting tired of doing the double click swipe tap routine just switch between apps. Quick it most definitely isn’t.

  2. webOS is much better at notifications and multi-tasking. Looking forward to improvements here. iOS right now… multi-tasking and notifications are awkward at best.

      1. No… not so crazy. Many Mac users have been complaining about iTunes for a long time. It’s clumsy, unfocused, slow, and makes a mess of its database. It NEEEDS the rewrite.

        1. My iTunes is ONLY slow on my PC… which is now deauthorized and i dont even run it anymore.
          on my iMac/MBP it still runs snappy.

          it works, i dont need a re-write of iTunes.
          outside of the terminal hack to move the traffic lights back to where they are in every other app… it works fine as is.

  3. I really want a new iPhone.

    Pre-iPhone days I used to get a new phone every 8-10 months, the operators just kept offering them in return for extending the contract. These days I can only get one every 12 months and have to pay, not that I mind paying the iPhone for me is well worth the money (in fact, I would pay more!).

    Can’t wait for the next iPhone, just hope there is a new one released this year like usual.

    I do think the iPhone 4 will be hard to beat, all the previous upgrades has very interesting extras.

    Luck for me that Apple release iPhones in London quickly.

    David Lee
    Apple Mac Support in London

  4. Time to let the cat out of the bag… or should I say the cat into the Dell. That’s right, OS X Lion will be the first release in years that will be licensed to Dell! Get a OSX desktop for $229. With Dell quality you can count on.

  5. Apple is going to release iOS 5, Lion, a new MobileMe, announce the future availability of iPhone for the rest of American carriers, the revised Back to School promotion involving iPads and iPhones. One other thing on the plate is the departure of the iPod Touch, it will be replaced by an iPhone that doesn’t have to be activated.

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