Apple invites international journos to June 6th WWDC event

“Apple has reportedly invited at least one Australian journalist to the opening keynote of their upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in the United States,” Brenton reports for iTech Report. “Australian technology journalist Charlie Brown tweeted earlier this morning that he’d received an invite to the event from Apple, saying ‘I think something big will be announced on June 6th in San Fran, by #Apple. I have just been invited to attend the event.'”

“It follows similar revelations from the United Kingdom, where it’s thought journalists from major news outlets are also being invited by Apple’s public relations team,” Brenton reports. “Traditionally invites to the Apple developer conference – which runs for five days from the 6th June — are restricted to American journalists unless a major announcement is scheduled.”

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  1. I predict iShades, a magical new product that connects to your iPhone and provides a heads-up display of your screen directly in front of you and which can be manipulated Minority Report-style.

    Well, I can dream…


  2. Not sure why this is so surprising. Apple’s international sales make up an increasingly larger slice of the revenue pie. It makes sense that foreign reporters are allowed direct access to WWDC so they can spread the word about Apple back in the UK and Australia. 

    I’m all for expanding the invitation list to the foreign correspondent corps. Maybe next year we can pull in journalists from other European states and China and Japan, two of Apple’s largest foreign markets.

  3. The next digital hub in the family room, finally done right. Smart, connected TV. Everything an iTV can do and a whole lot more controlled by iOS devices (or conventional remote). We’re going to blur the lines between the TV and iMac and Apple will do it with content and infrastructure that no one will be able to commit with for years.

  4. I think it’s going to be a bigger cloud than anyone realizes.

    Everyone is talking about music, but that is only because Apple needs to work out agreements with the music lables, and that kind of stuff always gets leaked.

    What no one seems to be considering is that Apple is about to put our entire hard drives in the cloud.

    Imagine being able to log into any computer on the planet, and it’s your computer.

    It won’t happen all at once.

    It may come for music first, but then your home folder, your docs, your personal video collection, and eventually, once Apple has agreements with the Hollywood and TV producers, your commercial movies and television shows.

    Imagine being able to stream your movies, from any Apple TV in the world, by logging into your Mobile Me account.

  5. Not sure why they invited this guy. He features on the Today programme whenever there is some techno item to talk about and seems very heavily into Windows. Any praise for an Apple product is very grudgingly given and glossed over. He is always warning viewers about trojans and viruses on their Windows rubbish but never once mentions the lack of viruses on Macs. There are much more impartial journos who would have been a better choice.

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