Amazing guitar jam shows off Garageband for iPad (with video)

“One of the best things about Apple is how focused they are on allowing their users to bring out their own creativity through the use of their devices,” Buster Heine reports for Cult of Mac. “One of our talented readers, George, tweeted us a link to his awesome guitar solo video on YouTube.”

Full article here.


  1. This is the core of what makes Apple’s products so vastly superior to their “counterparts” in the Google and PC parallel universes. Apple makes amazing products for consumers, period; Google makes mediocre services that transform consumers into products for advertisers and Microsoft makes mediocre products for IT buffoons and people with little ability to transition out of their ecosystem.

    1. This is multi track recording. Nice to listen to, but not a performance in the usual way. So not someone to feature at the end of a Keynote.

      Put it this way – did the Alan Parsons Project ever tour? (feel free to replace with newer studio-only “band”)

      1. Ok… but there’s no reason the lad couldn’t be in house as this video is projected. It’s the kind impressive feel good experience that Mr Steve likes for a memorable outro.

      2. @aka

        The Alan Parsons Project did indeed tour. I have live recordings from the Kremlin Palace, Moscow, the Riverbend Music Theatre, Cinncinati and Salt Lake City.


  2. That’s awesome. I’m a musician who is expecting my iPad2 to arrive next week and I’m buying it largely for music production. I plan to create a whole iPad2 based system over the next year. iOS is at the core of a paradigm shift in music instrumentation right now. What an amazing bit of technology.

  3. Boom, the future just arrived and it is awesome. I got chills. I have played guitar (the wooden kind) for 4 decades, but apparently, now I need to learn how to play a new kind. Now do you know why I want an iPad?

  4. Seeing how Apple can get some software like GarageBand so right, makes u wonder why some other software falls short. With some it’s like dropping out of high school 2 weeks before the finals.

  5. That’s… insane (ly great).

    If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I would never had believed that guitar was simulated. I didn’t know the sound of an electric guitar could be simulated to that degree, and on an iPad, no less.


    1. Guitar Rig 4 is hot. That software suite not only offers a highly configurable selection of hardware, like Marshall stacks and Hi-Watts, etc., and all the pedals you can imagine but, the software offers pre-sets of our favorite musicians’ rigs.

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