Apple looks poised to revolutionize tech world again

“Cloud computing is finally a mature field — we know, because Apple is entering the ring,” Ryan Cole reports for The Taipan Daily.

“Cloud computing isn’t a new concept. Indeed, two of the biggest names in technology — Google and — have already launched some very ambitious cloud services this year,” Cole reports. “But everything is about to change, again.”

Cole reports, “That’s because the most influential technology company in the world — Apple — is entering the fight. And as history shows, when Apple enters a market, it’s a game-changer more times than not. This time doesn’t look to be any different.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “krquet” for the heads up.]


  1. “Apple — is entering the fight”

    I just thought of something… remember a few weeks back when we had the story about SJ yelling at the MobileMe team? What if iCloud (*shudder) is not just iTunes in the cloud, but iWork as well? iWork has had the mobile me buttons for a couple years now.. so obviously exporting to the Cloud already exists. All we need now is editing in the cloud. If you could build a competitor to Google Docs + have iTunes Streaming… that could be a pretty sweet announcement

  2. I love how they forget Microsoft’s cloud offerings in this article. Hilarious!! And they’ve only spent how much money promoting their cloud services?!

    1. Which part?

      MS is offering cloud computing to consumers and businesses with office 360 and exhange.

      They also have Azure which provides application hosting for developers.

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