Apple patent application details platform-independent word processor

“Just last week we presented a report about Apple advancing the design of a possible future Post-PC hybrid system,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“We also noted that it was Steve Jobs who made this term of ‘Post PC era’ extremely popular within the tech community,” Purcher reports. “A recent Forest Research related blog presented an interesting overview of what they felt the term Post-PC era really meant and this week a new patent application from Apple had a surprising revelation that they were working on a new platform-independent word processor application.”

Purcher reports, “Whether this will be represented by their already standing Pages App is not yet known but it would stand to reason that it would be. Apple’s little shocker also hinted that their platform independent code could go far beyond just word processing. This could be Apple’s new internet strategy that thrusts more of us into the next phase of what is now known as the Post-PC era.”

More info and Apple’s patent application illustrations in the full article here.


  1. As a senior Apple product manager, I’d just like to tell all of you to be patient…we’re working on some good stuff that we think you’ll really like!

  2. @ Ralph. OpenDoc was a great idea and interesting that you brought that up. It was way ahead of its time and should, in some form, be brought back for the internet age. Good point Ralph.

  3. An Apple cross platform version of Google Docs with web app versions of Pages, Keynote and (blah) Numbers with the polish of the MobileMe apps would be a killer app. I could see many people taking a serious look at such an offering.

    Google Docs is serviceable for those who want to use cloud apps, but it is very stripped down. If Apple can come up with a true desktop class word processor that is a web app, it could be a serious win for Apple in the enterprise as a great trojan horse app.

  4. Dear Anti-Apple trolls,

    Since 1997 the only areas where Apple hasn’t stomped the rest of the industry bug-flat have been those areas where they haven’t focused. Consider that the only significant complaint about Apple products is the price.

    If Apple cut its prices for Macs down to the same price as comparably equipped PCs, Windows and its spawn would die quickly and quietly. Dell wouldn’t last another quarter.

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