Nokia kills off Ovi mobile brand following Windows Phone ’07 decampment

“Nokia is to stop using the Ovi brand to sell music, games and mobile apps,” BBC news reports. “The company said it planned to wind up the four-year-old project and would be offering services under the Nokia name in future.”

“The changeover was announced on Nokia’s Ovi blog by editor Pino Bonetti,” The Beeb reports. “He wrote: ‘The main reason for this change is so we can leverage the high-value of the Nokia master brand to better support future plans to deliver disruptive and compelling mobile experiences globally.’ Mr Bonetti assured users that the only change to the service would be its name.”

“Industry watchers said that it made sense for Nokia to ditch the Ovi brand following its agreement with Microsoft to use Windows on its smartphones,” The Beeb reports. “‘The problem was they created a brand out of something that did not need to be branded,’ said Stuart Miles, editor of ‘With the move to Windows Phone 7 they are not going to be able to keep the Ovi store. That was going to get very confusing.'”

The Beeb reports, “According to figures from IDC, Nokia’s share of the smartphone market fell from 57% in 2009 to 20.8% in 2011. In an attempt to turn the tide, it announced a strategic alliance with Microsoft in February 2011. Nokia said that there would be substantial job losses as a result of the deal.”

MacDailyNews Take: In this case, “strategic alliance” means “desperate capitulation.” Loser + Loser ≠ Winner.

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “ChrissyOne” for the heads up.]

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