Increasing number of CEOs view Apple iPad as legitimate business tool

“An increasing number of chief executive officers are turning to the iPad instead of laptops or PCs for business work and communications—a trend that could ultimately help Apple make bigger inroads in corporate America at the expense of competitors such as Research In Motion and Microsoft,” Paul McDougall reports for InformationWeek. “‘My boss just got an iPad. Those six words are increasingly being heard as the iPad and other tablets go mainstream,’ said Gartner analyst Mark McDonald, in a blog post. ‘You will have to deal with the changed expectations your boss will have for IT and or IT’s support plan for these personal devices.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Yeah, “and other tablets” — if you’re stuck working at RIM, Motorola, or Samsung.

McDougall continues, “McDonald said the iPad’s sleek interface could make quick Apple converts out of a lot of executives, and that could lead them to take a longer look at Cupertino’s other products for the enterprise. ‘You might have to deal with your boss becoming a sudden iPad/Apple convert—read fanatic—as they experience the interface, ease-of-use, etc. It is a significant difference from the Windows interface,’ McDonald wrote.”

MacDailyNews Take: As in, “Windows offers unease-of-use.”

McDougall continues, “RIM could also take a hit if CEO’s, once they get comfortable with Apple’s iOS interface, contemplate using the iPhone instead of the Blackberry for corporate communications and messaging. Government agencies have also caught tablet fever and are now rolling out slate-compatible apps and content for employees and clients. For example, the U.S. Agency for International Development earlier this year ported presentations for the U.S. embassy in Brazil to the iPad.”

MacDailyNews Take: “Ported presentations?” Sigh. Oh well, better to start molasses-slow than never to start at all.

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MacDailyNews Take: We can hear Ballmer’s fiddle from here.


  1. Has anyone seen the banner ads that RIM is running today at the NY Times? “Amateur Hour is Over” they proclaim over a picture of the Blackberry PlayBook.

    ROFL. Does RIM have any idea how ironic this ad campaign is? It has just rolled out a device that virtually every reviewer – even those sympathetic to Blackberry – has panned as unfinished, half-baked and half-assed. Talk about amateur hour…

    There is iPad. And if you don’t have an iPad, well, you’re just wasting your time and money.

      1. I’ve wondered about the use of the word “Play” in what is being marketed as a professional tablet.

        Being from the UK, I was wondering if the word “play” in Canada meant something different.

        Children play. Adults work. Unless I’m missing something?

        1. In some sports, particularly basketball and US “football”, the team has a “play book” that documents all the offensive and defensive “plays”, or plans of actions to be taken for a “play”. All members of the team are required to memorize those plays. Sort of a war plan for the athletic set. The term has also come to be used in business to describe a plan of action to be taken to achieve some goal. (And as in war, the opponent will do what they can to foil your plan.)

          Beside the business connotation of “play book”, RIM may have chosen the name “Play Book” to appeal to the macho, sporting minded customers.

  2. Who would ever have thought that a small device such as the iPad would pose the greatest challenge to IT>>PC job security? In terms of physical size, this is classic David vs Goliath stuff. ITers better start morphing into Mac form before that rock hits them between the eyes (psst….the rock is en route)

  3. “Clowntime is over, time to take cover
    While others just talk and talk
    Somebody’s watching where the others don’t 
    Clowntime is over”

    Thanks to Elvis C

      1. I love it when the iHaters accuse others of arrogance, especially when it is just a statement of fact 🙂

        As a Mac user since 1993, all I can say is I think I have earned my right to be arrogant at this time.

  4. I work at a particular airplane producer in the it department , they are slowly transitioning to iOS devices, and ppl are clambering for them.

  5. Every member of my staff (I am the CEO) has an iPad and MBP as the IT of choice (or they don’t work here). How many employees, you might ask. 583 and growing. We have had them since day 1 and are now converting to iPad 2. I have been a Mac user since 1984. Nuff said.

  6. I’m so glad the CEO’s want iPads and the employees want iPads. I hope they squeeze the hell out of those Windows-loving, Microsoft certified lap-dog IT managers from the top and the bottom. If Apple had to depend on IT managers moving to anything Apple, it would never happen. They just can’t let go of Microsoft Windows after they’ve sworn their undying loyalty by getting a bonafied MS Windows guru certificate.

  7. I do business in Asia and Africa and I have converted everyone I work with to Apple. My Thai business partner’s four year old daughter is using her iPad at her international school (with a pink Hello Kitty cover) and plays with it hours every day. I was in a mall in Bangkok when the white iPhone arrived and you would have thought they were giving them away. I think most everyone underestimates the potential sales growth in Asia and Africa, even if you ignore China.

  8. We are piloting the ipad now. I haven’t seen the initial feedback yet but i expect it will be positive.

    We also have a few mac eclusive groups in the company and its getting to be an option for most people to get a mac within the company if they want one.

    I don’t know that it would ever replace windows fully within our organization but its been cool to see a mix of machines that don’t all have a dell logo on them.

    I think a big part of our future will be thin clients and terminal services in the future. The fullblown desktop will be limited as time goes on imho.

  9. Our Airport Board of Directors are about to get iPads. Early estimates is that it will save thousands just in copying and delivering agendas. It all started a few members on the executive staff getting iPhones a few years ago. Soon all the blackberries will br replaced by iPhones as well. The bigger news is that I will get an iPad for free. The bad news is that I already own 2.

  10. I guess starting at the top is a good way into the business market 🙂

    Speaking of business, I saw an IBM z10 Mainframe in the wild today. Now *that’s* fucking enterprise. Absolutely *no* Dell “servers” anywhere in that machine room.

    Whenever I’m walking through a building on my job, I’ll visit the server room if they have one. This gives me a bit of a feel for their purchasing department. If I see Dell “servers” in their computer room, I know the company only cares about low upfront price and cheap shit. Not my kind of customer.

    I also find it encouraging if I see Mac desktops in the office areas.

    I don’t often get to see Big Iron… today was *most* refreshing!

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