Microsoft falsely compares MacBook Air to netbooks

“Apple on PC market share with a newly posted Canadian page trying to steer buyers away from desktop and notebook Macs,” Electronista reports.

“The ‘Do the Math’ site tries to play on stereotypes of Macs always costing more by showing Windows 7 PCs that are supposedly either cheaper or offer more features for a comparable price,” Electronista reports. “Some comparisons are valid, though the comparisons ignore like real-world battery life, where Apple usually comes out on top, and the greatly reduced need to use security software.”

Electronista reports, “The comparison, however, openly tries to deceive buyers when comparing the MacBook Air. It pits the 11-inch Air against netbook-class systems that are much slower and bulkier. While they have advantages in price and raw storage capacity, the comparison deliberately sidesteps performance, including graphics and the impact of the SSD in the Mac.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Desperation breeds lies. Let’s all really “do the math” by clicking here: Enterprise Desktop Alliance: Apple Macs cost a lot less than Windows PCs to manage (March 09, 2010). Okay, now let’s do some more math: How many related articles are listed below and what do they tell you?

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Arline M.” for the heads up.]

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  1. As the cliche states, the definition of insanity is repeating the same actions over and over and expecting different results. This didn’t work for Microsoft the last time — their “PC shopper” ads were believed to have heightened interest in Macs. For Microsoft to trot this tired argument out again smacks of desperation that approaches panic.

    And the “Do the math” thing… That reminds me of Napster’s laughably failed attempt to take down iTunes way back when.


  2. lol. They probably looked at the Air and said “well it is missing a DVD drive it MUST be a netbook!”

    I could see their marketing guys being about that smart honestly.

  3. Steve Jobs had it right. Problems occur when the top guy is a salesman.

    Used to be “spin” could convince people. Ballmer has yet to find out that people compare notes on the Internet and the actual truth gets published REAL QUICK.

    1. It’s called “Marketing-As-Management” and is an excellent way to destroy your company. Ask Microsoft, Sony, GM, Ford, Chrysler, AIG, Adobe, blahblahblah…. It’s an inevitable disease of an aging company unless deliberate steps are taken to prevent it or end it.

      Steve Jobs caused the illness to happen at Apple when he hired John Sculley as CEO. The results were textbook classic, including the 1996 catastrophe of $1 billion in unsold Performa Macs rotting in the warehouse. The return of Steve Jobs to Apple was the solution to the problem.

  4. They can’t even get screen size right. First, they use a single quote for inches, which normally means feet. Then, they get confused about decimal points from one to the next. On the MBP13 page for example, it says 13’3 for one screen and 13.3′ for another.

  5. Good golly gosh. A deceitful FUD article fraudulently suggesting the superiority of Windows boxes over Macs? What is the world coming to? Oh the horror the shock and awe and

  6. Old news: There is not one single independent professional study comparing the cost of comparable Macs versus Windows boxes that found Windows boxes to be cheaper. Not one.

    Why is that? Cost = Shelf Price + our of Ownership – Return on Investment. Where Windows boxes consistently lose big time is on Cost of Ownership and Return On Investment. Price your computer using shelf price alone and you’re shooting a hole through your wallet. Poor, sad, dejected Windows victims.

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