Woz: Paul Allen should stop ‘that patent troll thing’

“Frequent public speaker and Apple co-creator Steve Wozniak in a speech at the Embedded System Conference openly chastised former Microsoft pioneer Paul Allen for his anti-Internet patent lawsuits,” Electronista reports.

“Allen’s Interval Licensing case was frankly described as ‘that patent troll thing’ and something Wozniak wanted to discourage,” Electronista reports. “Patents themselves were ‘not worth that much,’ he said, and Allen was simply hoping to profit from destructive lawsuits rather than be creative and produce something meaningful. ‘Paul Allen should be out there investing in companies that are doing something, making products, actually making a new future for the world,’ Wozniak said in the Register account of events. ‘Not ‘I’m… going to sue people, and get in bed with the lawyers to make my money.’ That’s not the right way.'”

Electronista reports, “He also implied that Interval only developed what technology it had because of Allen’s billionaire financing and could only try for patents, not develop a real product.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As always, gotta love Woz!

But, Woz, better be careful, or Paul’s likely to sue you. He’s like that, you know.

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    1. Not having followed Paul Allen I had no idea. I googled “paul allen’s teeth,” then clicked images, and OMG! Those are indeed poster-child illustrations of teeth gone bad by drugs, according to a couple of MDs I know.

      He doesn’t need a mask for Halloween.

      The man is a total waste of human flesh: Hating on everyone, sucking others dry with his patent trolling (which does absolutely on one any good), and who knows what else. Too bad he can’t get a life for the time he has left.

  1. He’s a lonely man. He’s overweight. He has stage 4 cancer, (Can’t remember which one.) He is hating on everyone, even Bill Gates, but has good reason to.

    I say for someone in his condition he should be doing everything to try to get into Heaven. However maybe he’s trying to do everything to get into Hell, in a misguided way.

    He’s gone Howard Hughes on us.

  2. Have you ever read these patents? Ridiculously simple HTTP concepts. “Clicking on a hyperlink will bring up another webpage.” Not a real quote but I think that’s one of them.

  3. After all the “bad teeth” comments I had to go find a picture of him, and, crap, but his teeth make me nauseous. That’s pretty unbelievable. He could be British!

  4. This is, pretty much, a flip-flop of what Woz had suggested earlier when Paul Allen had decided to litigate for his patents:

    Asked about the lawsuit during a video interview with Bloomberg News, Wozniak says he’s “not at all against the idea of patent trolls,” and he believes Allen’s suit represents the fact that inventors have rights under the U.S. patent system.

    “I’m not a lawyer, and we’re getting into the legal category, not just the technology category, but I think this lawsuit represents the idea that, you know, hey, patents, individual inventors, they don’t have the funds to go up against big companies. So he’s sort of representing some original (inventors). I’m not at all against the idea of patent trolls cause I’ve had friends who just got forced into bankruptcy by bigger people who had more money and could have a lawsuit against them, forced them to be their own lawyers, and in the end, sometimes they’re victorious. But it’s a real hard way to do it. So if you’re going to have a patent and say ‘It’s worth some money, I’ll sell it,’ well, even if Paul Allen makes a fortune off of it, I think he had the insights to recognize which patents were valuable.” ~ Steve Wozniak, August 2010


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